Mario Maker Fans Have Built A Better Community Website Than Nintendo

Mario Maker Fans Have Built A Better Community Website Than Nintendo

Though Nintendo’s Mario Maker website makes it easier to find cool levels, it remains woefully incomplete. Where’s the ability to make playlists? Search for titles by name? Thankfully, fans are filling in the blanks. Makers of Mario, a collaboration between several members of the Mario Maker community, launched into open beta today.

Though a number of features are still in development, Makers of Mario is already compelling because it gives players the chance to build “worlds”, AKA playlists. Even though proper Mario games are structured as a series of thematically-connected worlds, Mario Maker has no such options.

Right now, there are playlists (“worlds”) for one-screen puzzles, the kaizo stages that were played at the most recent Awesome Games Done Quick speedrunning event and many more. I could collect the stages I’ve been playing on my Mario Maker Morning series on YouTube, for example.

The site currently works by handing over the browser cookie that’s generated by Nintendo’s own Mario Maker website. Here are instructions on how to get everything working. The creators say they’re already working on a more streamlined way of hooking things up.

Unless something changes, it seems like Nintendo is done supporting Mario Maker. There hasn’t been a significant DLC additions in months, and the whole reason Makers of Mario exists is because Nintendo hasn’t touched their website. Chances are, we’re gonna be waiting for Mario Maker 2 before anything substantial hits. In the meantime, fans are stepping up.


  • Will definitely keep an eye on this, because right now it seems a bit confusing still. Hope they can make it work.

  • “Mario Maker Fans Have Built A Better Community Website Than Nintendo”
    Have they built better Mario levels than Nintendo too?

    • I mean… I’d imagine so? It’s been out a while and there are hell of a lot of user levels made. Enough that in all statistical probability at least some of them would be better than Nintendo’s stuff. I wouldn’t say MANY of them were better than Nintendo’s, but there’s no doubt a fair few that are.

      • Then the average level presumably would NOT be as good as a Nintendo level.

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