Meet Fallout 4's Latest OP Weapon: The Garbo

Ahh, Fallout 4. You never cease to amaze, do you?

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The latest and greatest glitch in Fallout 4 is perhaps one of its most spectacular. Because why scour the wastelands of Boston for a big power suit or a giant weapon when you can simply protect yourself with a council-issued trash can?

  The user who uploaded it to Reddit, Quinchilion, noted that you could use the garbo's protective properties as a powerful tool in your arsenal. "Throw a nade in the bin and rotate it away from you and towards a charging ghoul," they wrote. "Poor guy's explosive shotgun. I might record that actually."

It works pretty damn well, too.

Anyone up for a grenade-only playthrough of Fallout?


    As someone who has just started a Survival run, I see this becoming a potential strategy later on.

      Survival is awesome, until you have to do those MILA runs for Tinker Tom...

        Teah, I'm not looking forward to some spots. I've just started doing quests in DC and some of those have already proved insanely challenging.

    isn't a Garbo a council worker or contractor who collects the bins?

    Who calls a bin a garbo and what is wrong with you?

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