Meet The New Legendaries In Pokémon Sun And Moon

Meet The New Legendaries In Pokémon Sun And Moon

Meet Solgaleo and Lunala, the two newest legendaries in the Pokémon universe. Solgaleo (left) will star in Pokémon Sun, while Lunala (right) will pop up in Pokémon Moon. Both look like they could kick the hell out of Popplio.

Both new Pokémon games will be out on 3DS November 18. Solgaleo is a psychic/steel creature and Lunala is psychic/ghost, in case that helps you decide which version to play. (Unless you’re a Pokémon hater like me.)

Here’s the new trailer for both legendaries, which also shows off some gameplay footage and a look at the new Pokédex:

In Sun/Moon you’ll get a Pokédex that’s inhabited by a Rotom, the ghost-like Pokémon that can possess objects and machinery. Says The Pokémon Company: “It does much more than record Pokémon info — it sparkles with its own personality. The Rotom Pokédex shows your current location and your next destination, and it also gives you advice on where to go next, based on the conversations you have with others! It’s likely to be of great help to you in many parts of your adventure.”

Here’s a closer look at how this new Pokédex will work:

And here’s a detailed look at Alola, the new Hawaii-inspired region of Sun and Moon:


  • Man, I still can’t get past how it looks like the girl player character is wearing one of those rubber dish gloves on her head, with the fingers poking up, and its ruining my whole experience. Cannot unsee.

  • Steel/Psychic, two elements you would never dream to use to describe the sun.
    I bet they’re kicking themselves that they introduced fairy instead of light.
    Damn morons.

  • Serious question: why would a self described ‘Pokémon hater’ be chosen to write this article? Usually Patricia does the Pokémon related news and, while I don’t necessarily like or agree with all her work, she at least likes the games. Furthermore, what was the point in including that sentence beyond promoting another story by the author?

    Legit baffled. Not attacking, just confused…

    On a more related note, Sun all the way. Solgaleo is beautiful and I kinda dig that it’s not fire type. Though it is strange how the ‘the beast that consumes the sun’ is weak to fire… Gamefreak pls

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