Mighty No. 9's End Credits Are Nearly Four Hours Long

Video: Every single one of Mighty No. 9's backers on Kickstarter are listed in the credits, and a whopping 67,226 different people helped fund the game. In order to watch the whole credits scroll by — I feel bad for anyone whose name is towards the bottom — you'll need almost four hours take it all in.

If you don't believe me, GameXplain captured a video of the credits:

There should be an achievement for watching the whole thing!


    I feel sorry for the person who had to type all that up.

    I also feel extra sorry for the person who had to proof read it.

      No one would of had to type it up, it would of been a DB extract from the backers inputting the name they want displayed in the credits.

        based on what I've heard about the rest of the game it wouldn't surprise me if they typed it out by hand.

    Pretty sure they could have combined all the Generous Backers into 1

      Yeah, but they're listed separately so that each of them can be thanked individually by Mighty No even if they weren't thanked by name.

    Sort of makes you wonder why other Kickstarter projects don't have four hour long credit sequences.

    Just what you need at the end of a the biggest fucking disappointment (in terms of money raised) to come out of Kickstarter so far- a retardedly long list of exactly how many people were duped into squandering their money and faith on this lemon.

    Dang...im number 28,411 :/

    better get comfy..

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