Morning, It’s The Ubisoft E3 Conference Liveblog!

Morning, It’s The Ubisoft E3 Conference Liveblog!

Hello everyone! The Ubisoft E3 Conference is about to start. We’re liveblogging it. Come on in! It’ll be fun I promise!

You can watch the event live here

5.27 Honestly, this music is really relaxing. I’m about to fall asleep here. I need another tea.

5.34 Okay these guys are fucking wild. Best presenters ever.

5.40 TEA MADE. I really can’t say enough about green tea. It’s a modern day elixer of sorts. Fixes what ails ya.

5.47 There really is nothing like Ubisoft in this world. Everything they do is a charmingly uncool attempt at being cool.

5.49 Holy shit, did you just see long-time Kotaku reader FatShady with his son on the stream right there? Goddamn! I KNOW THOSE PEOPLE!

5.57 Okay it’s starting… kinda. This song is great. I love it. Quality montage shit going down right here.

6.01 Wait, Just Dance is still a thing? Goddamn. This is not the best way to open guys. Guys?

6.04 Aw shit, it’s Aisha, the greatest celeb presenter of ALL TIME. Oh yes. Believe that.

And goddamn, that is a lot of platforms Just Dance is going on. Holy shit.

6.07 Man, a lot of jokes about being French in this conference. Yeah, let’s just run with it.

6.11 Ghost Recon Wildlands is gonna be a Ubisoft game about shooting alright. Sure, why not. One more time. I like the idea of it being open world.

6.14 “Let’s try to keep it stealthy…” Shoots a guy in broad daylight.

6.16 Oh man, this is all bullshit in-game chatter from real life people isn’t it? Oh god. Make it stop.

(This game looks pretty cool though.)

6.18 He killed a guy mid-push up. Maybe the worst possible way to go.

6.20 Just imagine. Imagine playing with your buddies and talking like this. IMAGINE.

6.24 The Fractured Butthole is the subtitle for the new South Park game. I was wondering when we were gonna see more South Park. This is very cool. The last one was very good.

6.27 This basically looks like a South Park episode. They’ve really nailed the aesthetic. It looks utterly fantastic.

6.28 Oh man, the South Park guys throwing more shade at Kanye. Good stuff. Good stuff.

6.30 Hahahaha, this South Park fucking your mom thing is brilliant.

6.32 The South Park dudes are talking about the board game influence on the new South Park game. Very cool.

6.34 December 6 for The Fractured But Whole… cool spelling.

6.37 Man now I feel bad for skipping The Division. I’m really gonna be lost here. Please forgive me!

But I am wondering about The Division — do you think it will actually sustain itself? Especially once Destiny comes back with new content?

The Division is a long-term commitment says Ubi.

6.41 I’ve been up since 1.30am and this Ubi presentation is really dragging itself out you guys.

6.44 Nipped off to the toilet and Palmer Luckey is onstage!?

6.45 Great news, my son has just woken up and wants his breakfast. GREAT TIMING YOU WEE BASTARD.

6.46 So let me get this right — this is a VR game about being a bird? Yeah I’ll play this.


6.52 I just cannot imagine getting five people with VR headsets in the same room. That’s like $10k of kit. (I’m talking about the Star Trek thing!)

6.56 I guess they have a Star Trek cast member on now and holy shit this is gonna drag and drag isn’t it? It’s already an hour deep…

7.00 Oh good! It’s that multiplayer hack and slash thing! I’ve been waiting to see more of this…

7.02 Okay so that was another stupidly long cinematic trailer. This time it was For Honor, which I’m actually quite excited about.

7.03 This guy is super enthusiastic. I need this guy’s energy right now. I’m fading fast!

7.07 Okay so this looks pretty cool. Almost like Dark Souls PvP on a grand scale. I could go for that. Big time. It all depends on the execution though. Controls will need to feel right. Hard to tell by just watching.


Yeah, I can see it. It also looks like it feels better to play. Again, hard to tell.

7.12 Holy shit are we getting another Grow Home game? I really want another Grow Home game. Best climbing game ever.

Okay, it’s called Grow Up. Cool name.

I’m not seeing enough climbing though!

7.15 Alright, coming out in August this year. Very excited for this one.

7.16 So the guy who made the Trials Riddle is onstage RIGHT NOW.

7.18 Um holy shit? What was that? This is a bonafide crossover game… And it’s out when this conference ends? Holy shit.

7.19 Holy shit. There is a new Trials game and it’s out right now. Damn.

7.21 They’re really gonna have a sitdown to talk about the Assassin’s Creed movie. I NEED A SHOWER PEOPLE. I’VE BEEN AWAKE SINCE 1.30am!

7.26 So this movie really does have a stellar cast. I definitely think we can count on this movie being mediocre. AT LEAST.

7.32 Hopefully Watch Dogs 2 just… I dunno, is more about hacking and doing weird stuff. Looks like that’s the direction they’re taking here. Remember the massive leap from Assassin’s Creed to Assassin’s Creed 2? I’m hoping for something like that. Looking for the series to really establish itself.

7.34 “Play me something fresh…” Well it doesn’t get any fresher than Rakim. GOOD CALL RANDOM AI THING.

7.35 My son is currently hassling me to help him with a Super Mario 3D World level so I’m having a real hard time concentrating on what the hell is going on here! APOLOGIES WE ARE SUFFERING TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES.

7.37 Okay so I caught the end of it. Yeah looks like a huge improvement. Not sure about the tone and stuff. But yeah, whatevs happy to just play something a wee bit different.

7.40 So um are they basically confirming a Watch Dogs movie that’ll never actually get made? Is that what’s happening now?

7.41 Now we’re getting Run The Jewels. I like the music taste of this video game.

7.43 Yves is here to DROP THA BOMB.

7.46 So I guess Steep is like a modern-day Extreme Sports Pilotwings. Yes, I like this idea very much.

7.50 Well, the squirrel suit stuff felt clunky. The snowboarding is a bit smoother by the looks of things.

7.52 See this sharing stuff seems nice enough, but yeaaaaaah, I can’t see myself using it that much. Being connected in video games like this just doesn’t appeal to me that much.

7.56 And I think that’s a wrap for the Ubisoft press conference. I’m gonna go and have a shower. Yep, I stink. I’m also starting to really feel the pain of having been awake since 1.30am!

See you all for the Sony press conference! Have a good one everybody!


  • the highlight reel was an awesome pump up and then those 2 host guys just ruined it lol

  • the division doesnt have legs like destiny, got boring very quick and there was no “fun” all very serious, poor gameplay mechanics and shooting feels hollow

    oh shit i just realised who aisha taylor was when she said literally haha

  • But I am wondering about The Division — do you think it will actually sustain itself? Especially once Destiny comes back with new content?

    I stopped playing The Division a lot faster than I stopped playing Destiny.
    I did enjoy exploring the D (division) more than I did the other D (destiny)…..

  • So basically take out South Park and this conference could be interchanged with any previous UniSoft conference? I’m damned excited for another South Park though

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