Naturally, Somebody Beat Dark Souls 3 With Their Feet

Video: People beat the Dark Souls games in all sorts of ridiculous ways. This one might be the weirdest. People have beat Dark Souls with Donkey Konga's bongo drums. Another person did it with the game flipped upside-down. The Souls games are hard enough on their own, but fans love one-upping each other.

Celesterian Games has taken it to another level with his playthrough, in which he managed to beat the whole game with his... his... his... feet.

To prove it's actually happening, he showed the controller in action. (The better question is why someone would make something like this up?)

This guy is better at Dark Souls 3 with his feet than I am with my hands.


    Sometimes I feel inadequate with my gaming performance. Then I see videos that not only reinforce those feelings of inadequacy, but launch them into depths of an hitherto unknown existence.

    Woah... and i thought the guy who beat DS2 with a guitar hero controller was ridiculous!

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