NBA 2K16, Gone Home Headline PlayStation Plus Lineup For June

NBA 2K16, Gone Home Headline PlayStation Plus Lineup For June

One of the best independent games from the last few years and an excellent basketball game are part of Sony's excellent lineup for next month.

Remember, though Sony and Microsoft advertise their monthly games as "free", you need an active PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live Gold subscription.

With that said, here are the games Sony's lined up:

PlayStation 4

  • Gone Home
  • NBA 2K16

PlayStation 3

  • Siren: Blood Curse (Episode 1-12)
  • Echochrome

PS Vita

  • God of War: Chains of Olympus
  • Little Deviants


    Maybe one day Playstation+ will give me something that I actually download.

      I guess it's all personal preference but for me it's had so many titles worth downloading. Rocket League still being a game I come back to everyday. the only issue I'm having is HDD space.

        Unfortunately I just missed out on Rocket League, but in the last 7 months the only game I've even remotely enjoyed was Broforce.

          did you get Galak-Z? that was quite enjoyable. good throwback to 90's Cartoons. Broforce was great, buggy but great.

            I did get Galak-Z, but I already had it from a Humble Bundle, I didn't really like it :/ Maybe I'm just bitter over seeing what Xbox Gold subscribers are getting.

    Play Gone Home completely blind, and if you can, in one sitting. Works best as a completely solitary experience. Very hard to do now, as it's been around for so long but you won't regret it.

      I know nothing about Gone Home except that it rated well and a lot of people rave about it. If I wanted to play it in 1 sitting, how long would it take?

      Last edited 01/06/16 9:56 am

        I got through it in about 4 hours, and I really took my time. Still one of my favourite experiences.

    That's a really good list of games for PS4, it's a shame I already bought NBA 2k16.

    On the other hand I should just resign to the fact that vita is only getting PSP games now

    I won't be downloading either as I already own Gone Home on Steam, but I would urge anybody who loves a good narrative to hit it up.

    Sweet, something I was thinking of buying is on PS+ for once, not something I just bought. Played Gone Home on PC a few years ago, but my 3 year old laptop had some serious frame rate issues that made it tough to fully enjoy.

    As a whole it's still pretty good though, you can knock it over in one sitting and it's story is interesting, as @leigh said, go in blind and don't google anything about it, you'll enjoy it more. Also don't go into it expecting any monsters or jump scares, it's purely an exploration game.

    Last edited 01/06/16 10:12 am

      See, even that's doing it a dis-service, and potentially ruining it a tad for virginal experiences. I got in on the 'mood' of the game straight away (really, I let myself) and there was a couple of 'oh crap oh crap' bits.

      Plus, there's Magic Eye. Magic Eye!

      Last edited 01/06/16 10:18 am

        True, might spoiler tag that bit, but I say that mostly because I had 2 friends drop it because they got too freaked out because they though a monster would jump out and 1 who hated it because a monster didn't, even though nothing in the game suggests that it may happen, there are still plenty moments of dread though just from the atmosphere.

        plus I didn't mention the cross :)

        Last edited 01/06/16 10:13 am

    That's more like it... at least NBA2K16 is a full, AAA retail product. One of those plus one indie is pretty much the way I'd like to see PS+ every month.

    Echochrome on PS3 is... pretty damn old :P But I guess there isn't a whole lot of new stuff coming out on PS3 these days so they're raiding the back catalogue.

    Oh finally, we get AAA back in our free game line up.

    Oh finally, we get AAA back in our free game line up.

    Gone Home was excellent, my only gripe was that the "horror"/tension element was kind of unnecessary. It stopped me get fully immersed as I kept expecting to find corpses or something in the attic. It's almost as if the devs didn't have the confidence in themselves to tell their beautiful story straight up, and that they needed the tension to keep people hooked.

    When will Nba2k be available for download? It isn't up yet for free download. They still list tropics and some racing game

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