New Fallout 4 DLC Will Let You Build A Vault, Experiments And All

Bethesda revealed a number of new Fallout 4 DLC packs coming later this year, but the most interesting one has to be the "Vault-Tec" expansion, which will let all of us become the most evil vault overseer ever.

Here's a trailer. Note that they straight up say that you can experiment on dwellers — I can't wait to see what ridiculous things people come up with.

Also unveiled today: a new "Contraptions" workshop DLC, which lets you build all sorts of new doo-dads, as well as a "Nuka World" DLC, which allows you to build a post-apocalyptic theme park. Both are featured in the trailer above.

So...what type of vault will you be building?


    1 man.... a thousand puppets.... Penny Arcades suggestion WILL COME TO LIFE!

      I dont think theres puppets, might have to substitute with gnomes

      The puppet man is already canon. You can find his jumpsuit and a holotape made by a scared raider about him in Paradise Falls in Fallout 3.

    Oh gods, I don't want to lose another few hundred hours to Skyrim, I want a new chapt- much eye candy.... Shut up and take my septims!

    "Hey Todd, what do you think Fallout 4 fans want out of the new DLC?"
    *Todd Howard whirrs and clicks ominously before opening his eyes, exposing blinding globes of hellish light*
    "M A M A M U R P H Y B E A R T O R T U R E"
    "Uhhh...okay, thanks Todd."

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    Fallout Shelter coming on PC could be alright.

    Does anyone still play it though?

    i sure as hell hope the workshop DLCs are bigger than the first workshop because that was a nothing but a small mod that added nothing that wasnt already in the base game

      Wasteland Workshop? It added a fair bit that wasn't in the base game. It wasn't a huge DLC by any means but it was pretty cheap too.

    I flipping love Fallout 4 but have zero interest in building stuff.

    Glad they announced Nuka World too.

      Building stuff wouldn't be so bad if it actually did something.

      Building a house for a bunch of randoms is not fun. Building a railgun that I can then use to blast things across the map is much more fun. Even being able to build some form of transportation devices like teleporters or vertibirds would add something especially with the limitations of survival mode.

        Nah, not interested. I'd like a clothing mod thingy.

    [Builds a vault that has nothing but Keeping Up with the Kardashians as entertainment to see what happens.]

      Thousands flock to the vault to see nothing of tangible value, thus providing you with a steady, oversized income for little to no effort whatsoever. Most tourists leave wondering (a) where all their bottle caps went and (b) how they get back the hours they just wasted...

        Hahahahaha! Not what I was thinking but very well played. Thanks for making my afternoon (it's been a slow day on my end).

      Late reply, but I think you'll find there's already a mass suicide vault in Fallout 4 =P

        With work being so up and down I have not played it much since I got it on launch. One of these days I'll go on holiday and spend the whole time playing the game.

    Nowhere did they say Nukaworld was about building a theme park. It's a new story area like far Harbor

    If doesn't fix the bad dialog with 3 "options" that all lead to the same out come. It's still not worth playing. Bethesda need to go ask obsidian how to make a good game.

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