New Leak Reveals Dead Rising 4

New Leak Reveals Dead Rising 4

Rumours of a new Dead Rising game have been floating around for a while now, and today it's all but official: Dead Rising 4 is coming, and should be announced at E3 next week. Images of the new Dead Rising game popped up on a site called ThisGenGaming this morning, and they appear to show Dead Rising star Frank West (who didn't appear in Dead Rising 3) riding around in the snow. Although we've grown not to put much faith in blurry off-screen photos, I recently saw another shot of that same poster from a different source, which helps corroborate the leak.

We hear this game is set in Willamette, Colorado — the same location as Dead Rising 1 — so it may be a remake of some sort. Xbox and PC would be a good bet as well. We'll see more at Microsoft's press conference on Monday.


    I never played the Dead Risings, so while a remake/remaster/reboot/retread/etc would be pretty convenient for me, I'm not loving the continued spate of them.

    A return to Ground Zero for Frank a few years later??? Fuck yes! Count me in. I actually don't mind part 3, despite its overly serious nature, the scale of it, the amount of zombies was mindblowing. A return to the mall and the town around it hopefully, with *that* many zombies will be amazing.

    I really wish this was on PS4. I thoroughly enjoyed the first 2 iterations.

    Man frank sure has aged younger lol

      Compared to Chuck who aged horribly

        Compared to a zombie's rapid deterioration while aging, Chuck looks alright.

          He did but he went what looks like a depression stage when his daughter disappeared.
          But i kinda meant compared to Frank who at one point let himself go lol

            I knew what you ment ☺

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    Have not played 3 but I really enjoyed off the record so a Frank West comeback is welcome

    Question is will this follow Dead Rising 2 onto PlayStation consoles or do Capcom only make exclusives and Resident Evil remakes from here on out?

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    the player look like chase for that dead rsing movie look at this and this

    I certainly hope it's less gritty than Dead Rising 3. I much preferred the colourful and comical nature of the first one.

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