Nintendo Reveals New 3DS RPG, Ever Oasis

Build and manage a desert paradise, cultivate equipment and form a party to explore dungeons and solve puzzles in Ever Oasis, a new RPG coming to the 3DS from developer Grezzo. Announced on the Treehouse Live stage at E3 2016 today, Ever Oasis tells the story of Tethu, a young boy who must create a village in the middle of the desert to serve as a launching point for a quest to find his older brother, who's been spirited away by the forces of chaos.

Produced and directed by Koichi Ishii, known for directing the first three Final Fantasy games, most of the Mana series and credited with the creation of chocobos and moogles, Ever Oasis is a game with a striking style and plenty of potential. It's part management sim, seeing the character build out his oasis to attract wanderers from remote tribes. Those wanderers join Tethu on his adventure, helping him battle monsters, solve puzzles and gather materials to craft new equipment and items.

A live demonstration shown during the stream showed off creating shops where the player can drop off items to be sold to visiting adventurers. From there the demo went into a dungeon, showing off a blend of action RPG battles and puzzle solving, both requiring switching between party members to use special abilities.

No word on when the game is coming out, but it's definitely one to keep an eye on.


    Looks good. I'm surprised more isn't being made of this given the 3DS has had very little to talk about for ages....well apart from Fire Emblem.

      Bravely second as well and monster hunter x soon.

      Last edited 16/06/16 9:12 am

      The first quarter of this year had quite a number of 3DS titles coming out, it was just most of them were Europe playing catch up to the US so everyone had stopped talking about them. Etrian Odyssey V is still coming along with Monster Hunter Generations. Kotaku just doesn't seem to really cover this stuff for some reason.

    Looks quite a bit like Fantasy Life, which isn't a bad thing

      I love Fantasy Life but I just to run around and whack things. Isn't this more like a Bravely Default type thing with a Fantasy Life aesthetic?

    Ahhhh, looks so good, but management sims send me to the land of nod.

    Seems like my kind of thing given I like games like the Atelier series and Dark Cloud. It's a bit of a mix bag with these games though, sometimes the dungeoneering is dull because the game focuses more on the town development and vice versa. We'll see how it goes. With a name like Ever Oasis though I'm expecting the soundtrack to just be Wonderwall played non-stop.

    Hah! I was getting strong Legend of Mana vibes from the game's description in the article and then it was revealed that it was made by Koichi Ishii. Ah LoM, such an awesome and underrated game.

    Grunt. More of those little chibi characters. I'm keen for more RPGs but that style that's so prevalent is a real turn-off.

      Not my style either, but I guess it's different. Might check it out closer to release day.

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