Nintendo Vans Hit Australian Stores In August

Remember that Nintendo Vans collection I keep going on about?

They're nicer than you might expect and a solid excuse to make "Damn Daniel" jokes. For a while there I thought they might be restricted to Europe and the US but it looks like they're actually coming to Australia. You will actually be able to buy these things in selected stores.

The collection is already available overseas and has been since June 3, but we've been told that locally it'll be available from August in both adults and childrens sizes. I might feel a bit old to be rocking the Mario Vans, but my three-year-old will most likely sleep wearing these things if I buy him a pair.

Which stores? The collection will be available in Vans and Platypus stores nationally. We've been told that most of the collection will be made available.


    Excellent, I really like Vans shoes, I've got a few pairs.

    Totally going to pick some of these up.

    But can we preorder them and do they come with gamer socks?

    I hope Vans don't workout the concept of DLC.
    Buy the shoes, then have to pay extra for laces.
    (although this is a Nintendo colab, so they're likely to come for free)

      No, the laces will already be on the shoes - they'll just be superglued to the soles and you'll need to pay for the special nail polish remover to be able to use them.

    Maybe I'm not the target demographic but I've never liked the look Vans, except perhaps their low top lace ups (damned if I know what they call it). The ones that resemble Chucks, which is probably why.

    Pathetic, honestly - anyone with a fashion sense does not wear these shit shoes. Vans? Really?? Is that what we're doing now?

    Thanks for the good tip bloke, on holidays in Germany right now, found a Vans store in Köln (Colonge) got the sweet Donkey Kong pixel art Hawaiian shirt!

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