Norman Reedus Fires Shots At Konami

Norman Reedus Fires Shots At Konami

Today Hideo Kojima revealed his newest game, Death Stranding, which stars Norman Reedus. You might wonder, how does Norman Reedus feel about all of this after the saga and cancellation of Silent Hills? Welp.

Guess he's not over it, considering the Photoshop he is sharing on social media tonight.

(Via Norman Reedus' Instagram account.)


    Well that's unprofessional. Now I'm glad that Konami cancelled Silent Hills and left hundreds people out of a job. #FucKojima


        But fair.

          What? People making fun of Konami for making bad business decisions makes those bad business decisions justified?
          I've done dumb things that people have laughed at me for, but those dumb things still aren't justified.

            Don't get worked up peeps; shithead's the resident contrarian/troll. I believe his general stance on life is to take the exact opposite belief system of the majority =]

      So poking fun is considered unprofessional? Well, I know who not to work for. /s

      Yeah, take that blame Kojima!

      Even though this was done completely independantly by Norman Reedus on his IG.

      10/10 basic comprehension.

      your gonna have to work on your sarcasm there!

    Hahaha. Gotta have a great sense of humour about it though.

    I'm confident that MG3: Panchinko is going to get better reviews than Death Stranding.

      It'll probably make more money, but better?

    wow, reading a bit too much into this, classic

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