Not The Best Server Restart Message

Not The Best Server Restart Message

Reader LouTheVI points out that Smite's been having some server problems this weekend. Also a slight tact problem. Servers should be up and running now, bitches.


    When the engineers don't realise their update notes go public XD. You should see some of my git commit messages :P

      My thought process always goes: could this thing I'm about to write ever be exposed to someone outside the company, or a manager who might take offense? Yes? Boring comment or safe coding joke. No? Go nuts.

        In addition, always make sure your error messages are polite, even if you can't see any way of ever reaching them. I've heard a story about a guy that put a very expletive filled message in an error he was absolutely sure was impossible to cause. Someone did, the CEO of the company.

          Yeah, I can imagine that happening. Even if you plan on fixing it, it's not worth forgetting that you've made an error message "nope, you've fucked it". Just don't.

            "Done fucked up" is a frequent Debug.Log output of mine :D
            Never makes it to a build though

    I wish I could talk to some of our users like that.

      Well, you can... It's just that whole 'suffer the consequences of your actions' thing where things start to get tricky.

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