Now Might Be A Good Time To Buy An Xbox One

Microsoft announced not one, but two new Xbox consoles during E3, so you might have seen this coming.

But if you've been thinking about buying an Xbox One, this is probably the perfect time. Big W is selling the 500GB Xbox One with three games for $299.

That's um, ridiculous.

The three games are Minecraft, The LEGO Movie Video game and a third choice between Rise of the Tomb Raider, Rare Replay Collection, Forza 6 or Gears of War: Ultimate Edition.

This deal seems to have been available for a while now but that's pretty stellar.


    EB games are also getting rid of the 1TB + 8 games, little bit more expensive at $478, but 8 games!

      It's like....40 games if you count Rare Replay as 30, and Gears Ultimate as 4 (via backwards compat.) :P

    Wow, that is surprisingly good! I'm blessed to already have a Xbone, but i hope Sony can came up with similar savings, i'd totally buy a Bundle+1 controller for $300 =D

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    Aye, saw this on a commercial last night.

    Nearly spat out my beer.

    Could really price match this and then trade in the stuff you don't want towards the sale of the console + the game(s) you do want, yes?

    Rare Replay still looks the goods....

    No games on Xbone that really appeal to me, except Rise of the Tomb Raider, which I can wait for to come to PS4.

    The Wii-U on the other hand. If it were $299 I'd be seriously tempted.

      If it wasnt the end of the line for the Wiiu if say get one anyways! Has a stellar list of exclusive games that are fun as hell.

        I still want to get one, but every time they are on special at Target or wherever for under $300 they get snapped up before I can grab one. I'd get one for Xenoblade X and Bayonetta 2, plus the Tokyo Mirage Sessions and the new Zelda looks pretty cool.

    You can combine it with the 5% discounted Woolworths e-gift cards which you can spend at BigW for a further $15 discount (from $300).

    $299 for the comsole is good but if you have Minecraft on the 360 the price is $6 digitally and Lego Movie regularly drops down to $10 during digital sales

    Nup......I'll wait for a scorpio thanks.

    Yeah, nah, thats half a 1080.. and a steam sale imminent..

      Where you getting your prices from? Lol. Its a quarter of what i paid for my 1080..

    Worth noting that JB are doing the 1TB with Quantum Break and Halo 5 for $379

    Might be high time I get an XBone then.

    Picked up a splatoon wii u bundle from my local target in Darwin for $279 last week.

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