One Manga Artist's Quest For The Best Work Desk 

I think he's found it. Finally.

[Image: yoshikadu2010]

Yoshikadu Hamada has come up with a clever way to have both a comfortable sitting and a comfortable standing desk. It's so simple, yet so brilliant.

You might remember seeing this before from Kotaku's story on Japanese artists' workspaces. Here are more photos of his set up:

Hamada switched over to a standing desk in February 2015.

Prior to that, he was working inside a little room he created with roll-down shades to mark off his workspace and, hopefully, help him concentrate more:

Here's a look inside:

He seems to be the DIY type, and since he made the standing desk switch, he's been creating an array of workspace solutions to varying degrees of success:

These are interesting, but I think his current solution is best.


    I just want to point out that if you're into watching people draw this guy also has a Youtube channel which is excellent if not updated as frequently as I'd like. Just scroll past all the Dark Souls videos which I'm sure weren't there last time I checked

    Um, his current solution could've been better solved by having the drawing board move up and down rather than having a removable platform for the chair. I imagine someone solved this problem atleast 100 years ago.

      Or just use an extra high swivel chair on castors. They're not uncommon.

        You have to think, then, that maybe, he has considered the other options & found them unsuitable, for whatever reason. Why automatically assume the guy did not consider obvious solutions?

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