Original Cosplay Is The Best Cosplay

Original Cosplay Is The Best Cosplay

Amazing. I've never seen anything like it. Who cares if it's not a fictional character: Cosplay is 100 per cent about fandom, and who isn't a fan of soy sauce? Monsters, that's who.

Photo by Mark Clifton, taken at Animazement 19. If anyone knows who the cosplayer is, let me know so I can add a credit!

Original Cosplay Is The Best Cosplay


    That is crazy. Good on her for going with something original. Well original as far as cosplaying goes.

    That's the sauce.

      If you're looking for a new cosplay project you just might be crazy enough to pull off Fight! Kikkoman.


        It's only the natural progression.

          It's about as close to Fishgief as you're likely to get.

            I'm still blown away that it exists, and that that's exactly what it is :P

    Terrible cosplay, Sriracha is the superior condiment.

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