Our First Look At The Star Trek VR Game

Our First Look At The Star Trek VR Game

Star Trek: Bridge Crew is a game about working together with friends to fly a starship. During E3, it was demonstrated by Jeri Ryan, Levar Burton and Karl Urban — aka members of multiple real-life (which is to say, still fictional) Star Trek crews.

The game, which we already heard about over the weekend, sees you and three friends work together to pilot a starship. Or you can just argue a bunch, like on TV! It will be out this fall for Vive, Rift, and PlayStation VR.


    I will reserve judgement AND hype for this till it is released... so many disappointing ST releases over the years.

      I agree. I can't see a VR game requiring 4 people to take off that much. Basically every Star Trek game ever released hasn't been what gamers actually want at all. The only exception I can think of was Star Trek Invasion on PSOne.

        I disagree. People love waiting in lobbies for enough players to form a crew. It could be a hell of a wait to get 4 people all at the same time in VR though.

    Sure has me mad keen for Elite's multicrew update at least :P

    I'll reserve judgement on this one, but I can say that from playing Pool Nation VR (a game that requires two people) this has real potential. Assuming they'll allow for internet matching rather than just LANs that is.

    Or you can just argue a bunch, like on TV!

    There's an idea; later expanded it so an extra player can be 'Q', :)

    Is this a game for that niche "we have 4 of the same vr headsets in our home" market?

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