Overwatch Is Still Hiding Lots Of Clues About A Mysterious Character

Overwatch Is Still Hiding Lots Of Clues About A Mysterious Character

On the surface, Overwatch seems like just a wacky, brightly-coloured shooter. Don’t let that fool you though. Overwatch hides some secrets which nobody has found yet according to Blizzard.

Earlier this year, there were rumblings of a character named “Sombra.” As Eurogamer explains here, some of the maps in Overwatch contain mentions of Sombra in the background, sometimes on computer screens or on posters:

Overwatch Is Still Hiding Lots of Clues About A Mysterious Character

Players theorise that Sombra is none other than Pharah’s mother, who used to be a part of the original Overwatch team (you can spot her in the top left of the leading image in this post.)

Hopeful fans even think that Sombra might be an upcoming character, and this hunch has been amplified by promotional footage displaying an unknown hooded figure during the character select screen, pictured below. See how the character has a sniper, just like Pharah’s mum does?

Overwatch Is Still Hiding Lots of Clues About A Mysterious Character

Since these discoveries, the trail has more or less run cold: fans haven’t really found anything new. But in another interview with Eurogamer today, Blizzard says there’s still more where that came from:

Whilst we’re talking new heroes, how did you find it when people started speculating that a new hero, called Sombra, was about to be revealed around the time of your last animated short? Was that strange, from your perspective?

Jeff Kaplan: No, it was not strange. We have put a lot of hints, all over the game and out of the game, so I would say it’s about time that people are concerned with who Sombra is. I hope they keep researching more and find more hints that are out there.

So they haven’t found everything yet?

Jeff Kaplan: No. No sir

Oh shit. What could it be; what have people missed? Is this an ARG of sorts, where the character isn’t revealed until we find all the clues? Is Sombra actually going to be a playable character, or is she just someone of note in the lore?

I leave the investigating up to you, Overwatch players.


  • There are also heaps of Doomfist. A few posters and you even escort hos gauntlet in one level. Seems like they will be the first 2 new characters.

    • Old, but Doomfist sounds much more like he will be long in some sort of PvE mode, if they take copying TF2 further a horde mode would be a good guess

  • wonder if they do it similar to HOTS, available for in game currency or cash …

  • I don’t think I’ve ever given less fucks about ‘lore’ in a game than I have with Overwatch. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE OVERWATCH and play the shit out of it, but like Destiny’s Grimoire shite, if its not in the game, I just don’t have any desire to seek it out.

    • I was kind of interested in the Incredibles-like introduction of a Superhero like team put together to stop an invasion but later disbanded due to public outcry and abuse of power. Then the game started and it was teams of those heroes fighting against each other so I stopped caring because the story no longer made any sense.

      • I just dont understand why they didn’t explain that. If you’re going to have story build up, surely it would make sense to explain why it ties into the gameplay? Why is Reaper working with anyone other than Widow? Why did they get the Overwatch crew reassembled if all they are going to do is fight in 6v6 team battles where the allegiances are questionable? Why did some characters barely get any introduction at all story wise?

        Hopefully they build on the story during the life of the game.

  • I’ve noticed if you get direct hits with your rockets as Pharah other heroes such as 76 and Reinhardt mention that she gets her aim from her mother. Sombra speculated to be both her mother and sniper fits this perfectly.

  • In the opening cinematic for the game, the little boy mentions Soundquake. I wonder if that will be a character to see later on as well…

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