Overwatch Reborn As Anime Style Credits 

Video: Don't fret! There is an anime style closing credit sequence, too. Via Japanator, these clips show that with some fancy editing, J-pop and Japanese subtitles, Overwatch totally looks like anime. The above opening credit sequence has been floating around online, but the closing credits clip below is newer.


    Whomever did that has a superb understanding of the anime opening.

      agreed. The ending credits on the other hand feels like someone just grabbed a jpop song and slapped it together with overwatch footage. It doesn't have any sense of pacing and it's quite jarring when the dub the attacks over the music.

        yeah ending credits version was just bad. Opening one was really good. God I want to play OverWatch even more than I did before but I just bought The Witcher 3 expansion :S

      Yeah, I was marveling at how spot-on that was. That moon silhouette fade... the first series of cuts needed to be faster, but yeah. I laughed.

    This is so good. It also makes me want to watch anime after having not done so for 5+ years.

    Captain here,
    The opening song is from Arpeggio of Blue Steel. It's an interesting anime about AI battleships that take over the ocean and are represented by anime girl avatars. The battles between the protagonists ship and the AI's are pretty clever, but the AI avatars end up forming a haram and it's a bit fan servicey. Still worth watching if you don't mind that

      Any show that has the balls to give the protagonist some balls and actually act on real, human urges and start relationships (and/or fuck them up like a real human, too) earns instant respect from me.

      But it's so disturbingly rare in anime.

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