Oxenfree's New Game Plus Content Is Available For Free, Right Now

While Oxenfree has already been one of my favourite games of 2016, its 4-6 hour play time means that most players who enjoyed it back in January probably haven't loaded the game up again since then. Now, with the release of Oxenfree on PS4, a game expansion called New Game+ has been added to all platforms.

New Game+ continues Alex's story for players who have finished the regular game, opening up new locations, dialogue options and even new endings.

LEAVE. IS. POSSIBLE. These three words tease the update announcement on Steam, giving a hint as to what the new update may contain. A post from the PlayStation blog gives this 'non-spoilery' description:

When you ________ the game the first time and come back to the game anew, Alex will have different, déjà vu tinged dialogue choices. Suddenly you realize that Alex is ________, and now you must ________ if you want to see tomorrow.

To access New Game+, you have to finish a normal game (something that takes around four hours on average) and then pick an option called 'Continue Timeline' from the main menu. If you have the aforementioned déjà vu timeline choices available then you know you're in New Game+.

Best of all, it's available to anyone who bought (or buys) the game on any platform — for free. If you finished the game already earlier in the year, then it looks like now's the time to dig it out and take Alex through her ordeal on the island all over again.

Have you played Oxenfree already? Will you be firing it up again for New Game+? Let us know in the comments!


    I really enjoyed it, even though the game was tough to find on the Xbox marketplace. I'll definitely be firing it up for NG+, I'm still annoyed I missed one each of the two sets of collectables, I swear I combed that island three times.

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