Penny Arcade’s Robert Khoo Resigned Today

Penny Arcade’s Robert Khoo Resigned Today

In amidst all of the craziness that is E3, there was a momentous shift in another part of the gaming world. Robert Khoo, the president and head of business development at Penny Arcade, has resigned.

In a blog post early this morning — roughly when Microsoft’s E3 press conference was live — Penny Arcade’s creators said Khoo had resigned “a little while ago”. “I know I don’t have to worry about him, he’ll be okay. I’m not super okay right now,” the post reads.

There wasn’t much detail about the reasoning or what Khoo was moving onto. Khoo took to Twitter to thank everyone for their sentiments, but also didn’t provide specifics or hints about his next venture.

We’ll keep you updated when more information becomes available.


  • Not sure how exactly to say about this. Penny Arcade’s a different beast to what it was when he came on-board of course, but nothing this company did happened without his guiding hand.

    So, congrats to Guy Blomberg on his new job?

  • That was really unexpected. He must have received an incredible offer. Hope we learn soon what was it, though he’s a guy that likes to be behind the curtains.

  • Man I’m saddened by this, met the guy a couple of times and he is awesome, just full on, always ticking away, but I’m sure he is moving onto something that he will be passionate about.

    Good luck Khoo, and hope to see you again at random locations across the world.

  • Holy crap. Robert Khoo all but built Penny Arcade from the ground up. Before he came onboard Gabe and Tycho were barely making money on the comic. He WAS Penny Arcade.

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