People Are Still Riding The Call Of Duty Downvote Train

People Are Still Riding The Call Of Duty Downvote Train
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Call of Duty has dealt with plenty of boycotts and angry fans in the past. The Infinite Warfare reveal trailer was another thing entirely, however, with more downvotes than many trailers have views. It was so one-sided Activision even put out a response.

The latest Infinite Warfare footage from E3 looks miles better. But do you think that’s stopped the internet downvote train? Course not.

At the time of writing the official gameplay trailer from E3, which is the seven or so minutes of space combat and shooting shown during the Sony conference, has 346,103 views. Out of those, 36,613 people have given a thumbs up — while just over 40,000 have continued to air their disappointment with the game.

It’s a stark contrast from the more than 2.9 million people who took a brief moment to registered their dislike of Infinite Warfare:

Mind you, this is the Call of Duty crowd we’re talking about. There could be 20 million downvotes and people will probably still pre-order Infinite Warfare anyway because you’ll get a remastered version of Ghillies In The Mist.

COD’s campaign might be a laugh at the best of times, but goddamn that mission was a lot of fun.


  • everyone thought the trailer was awesome, until they saw it was cod. just the usual internet haters

    • To be honest, I was really impressed by this new spaceship flying shooter IP, until he jumped out of his cockpit and I immediately knew.

      • i actually called it when it said jackal on the hud but it all looked cool to me and i usually dont care to much about cod, sucker for space though

  • At first I was excited when watching the E3 trailer, then I noticed the standard COD formula show in the enemy AI and then my mind told me it’s just a reskin of previous releases (mind you BO3 was the last COD I’ve played)

    Pew pew spaceship looks fun but I fear it will be heavily scripted

    Not gonna down-vote a YT trailer because why? Probs wont even buy it on release (don’t even feel nostalgia-d to pick it up for COD4)

  • To be honest I thought it was the most boring trailer I’ve seen from all of E3, and that was before I found out it was COD.

    Can we stop with the yearly iterations please, I can kind of understand with sports games with new players being added or players changing teams, and even that can be done with DLC.

  • I haven’t down voted the first trailer nor have a down voted this, but nor am I buying it – last time I bought COD was Advanced Warfare and the thing that tipped me over the edge on that was Pick 13 (I enjoyed the BOII system)

    Still the campaign, although fun like an action movie or a roller coaster was a pretty fixed thing and that’s what this space shooting demo looked like too – you can probably choose which battle to join, but then I bet your path through there is pretty fixed, that doesn’t interest me in the slightest.

    FWIW I still haven’t touched the BF4 campaign and sought the BF1 campaign would be good either, these games are bought for their multiplayer action, for that reason I’ll be getting Titanall 2 and maybe BF1

  • The space stuff looks cool but the weapons still look like your usual Call of Duty pea shooters, and the space combat looks like they’ve taken a lot from that terrible semi-railed VTOL combat in Blops 3 so it still doesn’t look that interesting. That said, I actually really enjoyed Blops 3 so there’s a good chance I’ll still enjoy this, arcadey pea-shooter linear railsyness aside.

  • Looks amazeballs and I’m pretty keen for it. Could be the first time in many years that I actually buy a CoD game without it being on a 75% sale.

    • I was thinking the same.
      I fell off the COD wagon long ago (actually, I only own 3… one in WWII, MW4 and Black Ops)
      So, as a ‘not COD player’ I found it interesting that I may actually buy this one… maybe.
      So much competition for my time and dollars.
      As an old fart I am much more keen on co-op multiplayer rather than competitive. To old, to slow and just not angry enough 🙂

    • Agreed. Haven’t played a COD game in years, but this looks really good. Looking forward to getting my hands on it.

    • 75% off? That would make the nearly 10 year old game CoD4 only 12.50 USD! Or maybe the 4 year old Black Ops 2 for 22.50USD is a better deal.

      I feel bad whenever I give Activision money for these awful regional price gouges 🙁

      • That’s the only price I’ll buy them at. I enjoy the Single-Player campaigns of most of them and never touch the Multi, and I have no idea why those modes aren’t sold separately… but those games all stay at the $80-90 mark for YEARS. Years after their sequels and their sequels’ sequels come out.

        It’s almost as bad as Nintendo games. But not quite. Those just go UP in price.

  • I thought it looked an improvement on the announcement trailer, but still fairly meh, I gave up on COD after MW3 though so I’m obviously not the crowd they want to appeal to.

  • COD is in dire need of a major overhaul, to me it feels like the exact same game and mechanics as MW2, its not that the game isnt fun to play, its just not exciting anymore because everyone knows we are just going to be having this exact same game / conversation next year as we have for the past several years.
    deff not worth $90+, if it was market at the $49 mark id probably think about buying it.

  • Plainly put, people are sick and tired of paying for MW4 again every year. Shits well beyond a joke now. No boundaries are pushed, old technology still being polished and re-used ad-nauseam and absolutely zero imagination or inventiveness to a long since stale franchise.

  • Its getting harder to market what amounts to a fifteen year old idea reskinned. Our memories are not nearly short enough for Activision to keep peddling out the same thing year after year. This appears an attempt to change it up, but i expect a lot of the demographic want a war simulator, not another Elite.

  • 3 million downvotes, but it’ll still make a bajillion dollars when it’s released. CoD is the AIG of gaming: Hardly anyone likes it or respect it, it’s too big to fail, and it always churns out shitty products that result in a huge profit. It’s literally the definition of ‘failing upwards’.

  • last COD i played was modern warfare.
    but this looks freakin amazing.
    im not sure why its getting so much hate. is it because the last few games have been shite?

  • I am honestly confused as to how people look at this trailer and think it looks good? Take away the fame, (infamy?) that is the title and you’re left with a mediocre, now sci fi on-rails shooter.

  • Exactly.

    Complainers of the hate are obviously fanboys of the series. Why it’s hard for them to understand this game will be worse than previous titles is hilarious.

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