People Aren’t Happy With The Division On PC

People Aren’t Happy With The Division On PC

The Division has sold well for Ubisoft and, for the most part, a lot of people have enjoyed their time with the post-apocalyptic shooter.

But those playing on PC? They’re decidedly less happy. Particularly over the last month.

The Division’s rating on Steam has been thrashed over the past 30 days, with over 1500 users contributing to give Ubisoft’s grand shooter a big fat “Overwhelmingly Negative” title.

It’s a stark contrast from the better, albeit not stellar, reception The Division received post-launch. The game had a 60% rating after its first full week on Valve’s platform, with Steam Spy recording 830 positive reviews out of 1381.

Support for the game has largely plunged due to unhappiness over Ubisoft’s anti-cheat mechanisms, which for the most part have been completely subverted. That was perhaps crystallised by a post on the sub-reddit for The Division around a month ago, where an alleged cheater described some of the numerous flaws that hackers could take advantage of.

“I used a package which included a Silent Aim,” the post read. “You could configure it to shoot players, or just AI. You could configure the [percentage] of Headshots to bodyshots to look legit and you could set the angle of activation, from straight up 180 field of fire to having to aim at them to activate.

“This was coupled with a cheat that, rather than change RPM, edited the [damage] value, from 2x up to 25x. With varying effects on game stability. As you can imagine, this would be very hard to detect and is easily mistaken for Sentry/overgeared players.”

The worst element of it all is that attempts to ban cheaters haven’t worked one iota — and Steam users have panned the living snot out of The Division in response.

People Aren’t Happy With The Division On PC
People Aren’t Happy With The Division On PC
People Aren’t Happy With The Division On PC


The most recent content announced for The Division was its second expansion, Survival, which is due out in a couple of days. It’s not known whether Ubisoft plans to strengthen their anti-cheat measures on PC in the process.


  • Doesn’t surprise me, they didn’t have anticheat in the beta and it turned out not great in full.
    I’ve been playing on ps4 but I haven’t touched it in a while because got bored of it and I’m not even lvl 30!

  • Probably wouldn’t be such a problem if Massive hadn’t been relying on ’emergent gameplay’ (ie: PVP) to make up for the lack of content.

    • Sometimes I think “Have we all become whiners or are games just getting rushed out the door to make a quick buck” then I open a game and the answer is pretty clear.

  • I stopped playing on PS4 when I realised it had a similar tedious gear level system as Destiny’s light level nonsense. Since then I’ve been really against grinding RNG for a thing that increases a number so I can do more grindy things. (This sounds like most games, but it was egregious here)

    Also the game itself was all a bit kinda samey and boring, but that might be personal preference.

    • On a side note, if you haven’t played Destiny since the April update, the changes to the loot system are much better now. Upgrades are within 5 light levels of you, so that you can constantly get something that will get you up to max light, unlike before where you would get something below your own level.

  • After like the first week people were already fully geared due to exploits had nothing left to do but troll the DZ. Once you’re tired of trolling then what? Hacking I guess.

  • Oh look. ALl the people who were defending this game pre release and defending their pre purchases, flaming others on the internet, are now those people giving it a bad review. Oh and look, theres still 28,000 reviews. People learn nothing.

  • I was hyped for this game for 3 years, so hyped. Took a week off work with some buddies and it was a complete let down!

  • An ex-Respawn dev posted a pretty damning blog post about a month back, outlining his educated guesses as to why cheating in The Division is so prevalent. Interesting read, and not exactly optimistic – if he’s right, then the PC version is irreparable without completely rewriting the netcode… which would explain why they’re prioritising their console playerbase.

  • I currently have about 230hrs in The Division on PC and have only encounter 2 hackers. 1 was just killing AI, 1 got wreck by a group of 6 players.
    The reason I’m not happy and have stopped playing is every time I get ok gear a patch rolls around and they nerf the gear I spent hours grinding for.
    I mostly enjoyed my time playing The Division, but am happy to have moved on ( why has it taken me this long to play DA Inquisition?!?).

  • I stopped playing this game after my partner encountered a game breaking bug that had something to do with being flashbanged and fast travelling at the same time which left literally half of the entire map a shadowy twilight zone and we could not fix it no matter what we tried. Even rolling a new character didn’t fix it. After he stopped being able to play I lost what little interest I had left.

    The bizarre thing is that if I played my account on his computer it was fine.

  • not sure who is more lame 1) those sheeple who do all this mass review tanking type things 2) blogs and news outlet using these stupid downvoting-fest as some sort of proof anything at all

    BAD REVIEWS ON STEAM MEAN NOTHING nor is it original or interesting

    sure Division is not without its issues but seriously it is still far better and bring more to the world to than any sheeple who take part is one of these downvoting-fest

    • Just because these peoples negative reviews dont fit in with your own experiences does not mean they are invalid. They are not sheeple, You have to own the game to be able to post a steam review on it.

      If you bothered to look at the reviews you’ll notice that most of them have many hours of game time played on the game, Some even hundreds of hours. Their opinion of the game is just as valid as yours.

      You right now are providing a perfect example of confirmation bias.

      • oooh you used the buzz word ‘confirmation bias’ you must certainly be a wise man I bow to you, oh wait nope you are just someone using a buzz word.

        I clearly state I recognise that Division has issues, (and had them myself) but the standard of reviewers on Steam has very little to do with real experiences it has to do with mindless drone behaviour that just happens to coincide with the new DLC launch, hhmm funny that. In fact I will go so far to say, (and indeed back to my original point) the game itself isnt important we see exactly the same thing happen every time a new games is launched, or that have some sort of media spotlight on it or that is just the trend of the day.

        so maybe stop using buzz words and open your eyes, that mass bad steam reviews have very little to do with the games itself but sheeple being sheeple online. If its not steam reviews, its metacritic scores, and if its not that its voting down things on youtube etc etc. its not original to this game and it is certainly nothing to do with confirmation bias, its there, it exists and its on all sorts of online sites and its about all games. (well most :p )

        If the game was truly as bad as some of these people make out they certainly wouldnt be spending 150-200+ hours on it. OR the other way of looking at it is, maybe they have spent too much time on it. For like anything the longer you spend on it the more more bored, stale and the more the cracks begin to appear. That happens with every game. Hell I have ploughed in 70 hour sin Overwatch already but there is so many things wrong with the balance. That only irrked me after the 60 odd hour mark. Some of them are real some is just frustration. that doesnt make the game unbalanced or broken, it just means I (as in ME) has a problem with some parts of it. That doesnt mean the game or bad or deserves bad reviews. It just means some parts I dont like. And a million things I do like. Where as I have read other sheeple who are labelling ti as the worse game ever blah blah blah. Some people want to hate everything

        • Your statements reek of fanboyism. You are having a sooky la la because some people said some bad things about your favourite toy. Grow up

          • really? barely mentioned the game. so not sure how you get fanboyism from that. Sure i quite enjoyed the solo game. played maybe 120 hours, havent played for like six weeks. it was fun but other things were better. i neither hate or like the devs. HOWEVER i absolute hate steam reviewers and other toxic online type things, especially people who think just if they throw in buzz words or when that proves false tries the even more predictable “you are just a fanboy” argument. lol

          • You are just proving my point mate. Please continue having a sooky la la over steam reviews. All it does is prove my point.

          • no I just dont bother responding to obvious trolls, who think they are trying to be clever but add anything intelligent to a conversation and given the option to reply to him is greyed out so guessing someone up above kinda agrees

          • ahahaha.

            Trying to justify your purchase. Keep at it mate.
            Don’t let everyone give you the confirmation that you’re a wanker. I’m sure after reading your responses back, you’ll come to that conclusion on your own.

            I’d hate to have some one like you as a child, your poor parents.

          • well given I am actually making a point about the topic itself and talking about gaming in general but all you can do is make a personally attack, which is not about gaming, nor the topic at hand. Which funny enough moots anything you have useful you could say.

            I bought a game, mildly enjoyed, got my moneys worth, more on to other games. Who am I trying to justify my purchase to? Why would I need to? Especially not to people who cant hold an intelligent conversation but just go with petty personal attacks on a “calling a kid with glasses, four eyes” level of lameness.

          • You are now arguing about holding an ‘intelligent conversation’? – are you yet to read your previous comments?

            You completely disregard an entire community providing opinionated reviews based on their experiences and the issues that nerfing certain gear sets has caused to their enjoyability of playing the Division.

            …all this based on your personal opinion and experiences.

            As one person said, this is much more useful information that the 2 hour play through review that majority of game review sites provide.
            – These reviews hold far more weight into the update/support culture of the publisher by allowing users to vent their praises/frustrations for changes made.

            With that information in hand, why would one even attempt to have a conversation with a one sided, single minded, opinionated fanboy?

            Its much easier to get a point across that you are being a wanker, simply by calling you out on it.

            You four eyed wanker.

    • The cheating issue on PC is a game-breaker for a lot of people.

      A review from a person that has played a game for 200+ hours is worth much more than the IGN reviewer that played the game for a day and quickly pumped out a report.

      I don’t get where your angst is coming from. The game had so much promise but unfortunately is just broken on PC. They dropped the ball and as such will suffer the consequences.

      If you are playing the game and enjoying it, then great! Keep playing.. but don’t discount the experience of others based on your own opinion.

      • sometimes (like with this and Destiny) it is the people who have played for too much with too higher expectations and with little regard to regulate expectation/hype/reality, they are the worst possible people to give insight to how the game truly is.

        • That is subjective to how the person reading the review intends to play the game though.

    • Possibly it’s number 3) People who use the term “sheeple”. They always turn out to have the sound reasoning of a 9/11 truther. I’d write some points as to why I disagree with you, but that’ll have no effect because you’re the kind of person who uses the term “sheeple”. Look at your response to the guy below. Literally picked out the least important/relevant thing he said and claimed a victory on that, whilst ignoring the rest.

      Out of interest though. If these guys are all sheeple, then whose the perpherd (like shepherd.. not sure who to do this one)? Is it the gummint? EA?… the lizard people?!

  • I was geared to get this game when they first showcased tablet support. Then lost interest when they dropped it. Only grabbed it on a whim whilst waiting for the next Fallout 4 DLC to drop. And whilst I enjoyed the single player campaign (I really enjoyed the story), going PVP in DZ was nearly unplayable with the early day hacks (I felt like I was playing Day Z all over again, and we all remember how much of a shit storm that game was with hackers).

    Whilst I applaud UBIsoft in cracking down on hackers….eventually. It is something that should have been done from day dot. The fact they waited so long to act, and at first with some pretty piss poor punishment. It only led to the momentum of a player exodus, and frankly leaving a number of PC players thinking they should have gone console instead.

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