PewDiePie And Teens React Help Revive Interest In Bayonetta 2

Just because a game was released in 2014 that doesn't mean it's undiscoverable in 2016. Thank YouTube for that. Thanks, YouTube! [GIF via React]

Late last month, PewDiePie began playing through Bayonetta 2, racking up millions of views, as he does, in the process. And just like when he does pretty much anything on YouTube, the clip seems to have sparked new interest in the game.

(It also probably doesn't hurt that PieDiePie repeatedly called Bayonetta 2 "the best game of all time".)

Perhaps the PewDiePie Effect™ is why the latest React video features a group of teens playing through the game? Perhaps not. Whatever the impetus, the clip is contributing to Bayonetta 2's 2016 revival tour.

As pointed out on NeoGAF, these clips might've impacted the game's price on Amazon. Never mind that the digital version is selling for $US29.99 ($40).

Or that the single disc version that doesn't come with the first game is even marked down to $US20 ($27) for Amazon Prime members. Whatever Bayonetta 2 going for, it's cool to see contemporary games like this get a second wind via Let's Play and React clips.

In case you missed it, check out Kotaku's Bayonetta 2 review right here.


    I am sure this game would have had a lot more interest if it wasn't exclusive to such an uncommon console.

      We heard it bro.

      *edit* actually the first one didn't sell fantastically on PS3 or 360 even with rave reviews. The second exists only because Nintendo wanted to pay for it to be an exclusive.

      Last edited 21/06/16 10:33 am

    Still got this sitting on my shelf but haven't played it yet. Should probably get around to doing that one day.

      It's very, very good. Another level above the original.

      And the nintendo inclusions are amazing.

    This automatically means some sort of arrangement between the rights holders and PDP, right? I'm not casting aspersions or screaming ethics, I'm just seeing in fits and starts new elements of influencers having to declare such things.

    Also, the game was never going to be made unless Nintendo stepped in. Didn't it end up doing better than the original anyway?

    (It also probably doesn’t hurt that PieDiePie repeatedly called Bayonetta 2 “the best game of all time”.)Silly man, you're confusing it with Wonderful 101.

    Should do that next, get it the love it deserves.

      We'd all love to if only Nintendo bothered to send enough copies here.

      Last edited 21/06/16 10:35 am

        Most stores I went to seemed to have a copy of it for quite a long time, til it hit clearance prices.

          I saw it once for full retail and now there's a bunch on Ebay at best.

    I wish react videos were part of history by now.

    Bayonetta 1 was the best game of its kind. And I loved Ninja Gaiden and liked DMC till I tried to replay the remakes. Wish I could play 2 without buying a Wii U.

    Pewdiepie, ugh, though.

    I started watching the react video but I began to experience reactions to it, so I stopped watching in case I was in some kind of rights violation.

    This was an absolutely fantastic game. Seriously.....if you've not played it you're missing out. The very definition of epic.

    Overall I like W101 more, but Bayonetta 2 is certainly one of the best games ever made. It's action gameplay crystallised into its purest form.

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