Pewdiepie Got Kicked Out Of His Recording Studio For Being Too Loud

Pewdiepie Got Kicked Out Of His Recording Studio For Being Too Loud

Pewdiepie is infamous for screaming over footage of video games, and while he makes some good money doing it, it seems that his neighbours don’t really appreciate his shtick at all.

Actually, Pewdiepie says he is getting evicted over the noise he makes while recording videos:

Most of the time, Pewdiepie records in a soundproof room where volume isn’t really a problem, and he can shriek to his heart’s content. Sometimes, however, he’ll need more space — so he records in his kitchen. And that’s where his neighbours can hear him loud and clear.

As you can see around the 1:30 mark above, at some point a neighbour got so sick of Pewdiepie’s shit, that he came over to chew Pewdiepie out while the Swedish YouTuber was recording a video. In the footage, you can hear a man angrily cussing out Pewdiepie, at one point even calling him a “faggot.”

Not long afterward, Pewdiepie says he received an official eviction notice, which apparently required him to move out by the 29th of this month. In the video, you can see that Pewdiepie has started to put things into boxes in preparation for that date…but he’s not really happy about how the situation unfolded.

“If you’re gonna be a landlord in Brighton, the gay capital of UK, maybe try not be a fuckin’ prejudiced piece of shit, how bout that?” Pewdiepie joked. “I could buy this house, I don’t fucking need you.”

Pewdiepie claims that he actually got a written noise complaint AFTER his eviction notice, which if true, is kind of hilarious — especially given the language they use:

Pewdiepie Got Kicked Out Of His Recording Studio For Being Too Loud

Apparently, yelling in your house is considered “anti-social behaviour.” I guess that’s not totally wrong, but still. Wut.

“Landlord, fuck you,” Pewdiepie said. “Luckily for us, it’s really easy to move. It’s not a problem. We have the resources, and we can just do it. I imagine for another normal person this would throw them out on the streets.”

Actually, Pewdiepie already has another office lined up, where he predicts “so much shitty content is going to be made here.”

“Hopefully we can yell as much as we want.”


  • Ugh, I wouldn’t read too into the word faggot being used once as making the entire thing a sexually orientated attack. Dude also uses his place as a recording studio basically, so basically a workspace in a residential area. Dude is rich, should just get a place where he won’t piss people off, but I love that he has to act like a little pissed off kid about it, like he seems to think the right to yell around your house even though it might piss off your neighbours is some kind of human right, what a POS.

    • Haha, good point. The article did fail to look at both sides of the situation, and how residential neighbors might have been impacted. it seems some detail has been missed because eviction would surely be the final outcome, not the first and final result?

    • The word “faggot” is a sexually oriented attack, in and of itself. It’s a slur specifically targeted at homosexuals. Would you be telling us not to “read too into it” if he’d used a racial slur instead?

      • Of course, except people use it quite often in a non sexually orientated cuss word. See south park season 13 episode 12.

        • Yeah, let’s use South Park as the barometer for what’s socially acceptable.

          In the UK in particular they have extremely rigid laws around what constitutes hate speech. Using the word faggot, even if you’re not literally vilifying someone for being homosexual, can straight up get you arrested.

    • Did you watch the whole video? He got evicted before he got a single noise complaint.
      How quickly and without warning he got evicted is why he was rightfully pissed off

      • Sure, because he was basically operating a filming theatre in a residential area.

        • And yet, that’s not the reason stated on his eviction notice lol.
          Also was supposedly his landlord who called them faggots

        • That residential area….being his own home. You dont think people can film in their own homes? You never made a home movie? Should the government be allowed to stop people from making homemade sex tapes in their own homes?

    • They thought he was having sex with another man in his house, hence the homophobic use of the word “faggot”.

    • Well i dont know how things work in the UK, but i live in the southern United States and i can guarantee that if you walked into a man’s yard and called him a “f*ggot” in his own home youd be walking out of there minus a few gallons of blood and a fist sized chunk of skull and brains missing from the back of your head. Maybe people in the UK need to learn some manners.

  • What a webel — I’m sure his fawning pre-pubescent fans will be livid with fury for him…

  • Too loud or just too annoying? He is very much both those things and would have kicked him out for either/both.

  • Yeah I love how he is an annoying dick and very arrogant about his wealth, just move no need to make a song and dance about it Jesus,

    He is so frustratingly annoying!

  • Im sorry what sympathy is there to be had here??? He COULD afford easily, very easily to buy a large estate for gods sake and build a sound proof studio to use which would annoy noone. If people are complaining hes loud then chances are hes damn well loud. But he gets a pass because hes Pewdiepie? Get off that moral high horse. He is the one who is wrong here. 100%.

    • Hey look someone else that didnt watch the video.
      He got evicted before he got any noise complaints. Do you see anything wrong with that?

      • Dude, stop sucking Felix’s D and actually use your brain for once, who cares when he got a notice, the point is he’s an arrogant ass-hat that I would have kicked out long ago. And the way he carries on like a child about the situation: “Oh, good thing we have shit loads of money, look at how rich I am, this doesn’t bother me at all etc” Where he’s clearly bothered by it and is just using all of that to gloat about how rich he is.

        • A hundred times this. You have money? Good for you, now stop rubbing it other people’s faces and put said money where your shrill annoying mouth is and buy something somewhere else.

        • Ah anyone? Evicting someone with no warning, no notice, no chance to stop doing what the owner dislikes? How does that make sense to you?

      • Hey look someone who didn’t read my comment before jumping the gun I said *IF*!

        • Whoa whoa whoa, you mean people have to actually take the time to read your comment before they can assume your stance and rip into you for it? This isn’t the internet I grew up with 😛

          • Shocking huh? I say he’s 100 percent wrong due to the way he is conducting himself. He is being a douchebag in this instance plain and simple. If he is right or wrong is a different matter but he is being a massive douche.

          • I’m with you 100% mate, he’s acting like a cock and someone called him on it.

          • Actually, from what I can gather, he was supposedly on the cock and somebody called him on it…….. or something to that effect.

          • Not going to advocate the language used by his dipshit neighbour. But really we’re looking at who to hate less, they’re all acting likes fuckheads :B

  • If there really hasn’t been any warnings before the eviction notice, then he could probably contest it in court if he really wanted to.

    That said, there could very well have been complaints from other neighbours to the landlord before hand. We’re only seeing one side of the story here.

    • Maybe there’s a clause protecting all residents right to peaceful enjoyment of their home?

      Some rules you don’t get a warning.

  • The headline should be more accurately changed to Pewdiepie Gets Kicked Out Of His Apartment For Yelling All Night And Pissing Off His Neighbours.

    • Except he clearly mentions that he never records anything at night.
      Maybe watch the video before commenting?

      • Course he’d say that, except he’s got videos where he mentions it’s late at night while recording.
        He also stated sometimes he has to record in the kitchen, so I doubt it’s the first time someone’s complained.
        Places don’t kick you out at the first warning and this sounds like an arrogant asshole pushing things to far, I mean with comments like I could buy the joint shows you his attitude in life. Asshole plain and simple.

        • In the sound proofed room or outside it?
          At this point we have 1 persons veiw and thats it. I have no reason to not believe him , so why wouldn’t I?

          • Despite what he says that is *NOT* a sound proof room. It is acoustic treatment to stop reverberations within the room but it’s not going to stop all sound getting out of it. Some, maybe, but not all. A proper sound proof job would require major work that you’d never get to do in a rental.

    • Add “without getting prior warnings” to the end of the title and you’re golden. I don’t have a problem with the landlord being annoyed at pewds. However, he should have issued a warning or gave him a noise complaint before kicking him off.

      • We dont know thats the truth though. We only have his word to go by? Have they said anything yet?

        • Would you?

          Maybe your a good guy who rightfully evicted a crappy tenant who just so happens to be a famous Internet personality. The idiot retaliates in anger but he doesn’t get to stay.
          Doubt you want the hassle or infamy.

          On the other hand your a homophobic douchebag who wrongfully and illegally evicted a tenant.
          Chances are you don’t want the hassle and infamy either.


  • All i’m reading here is that a general annoyance is worse to people than prejudice. Yep, this is Australia. Here, if someone annoys you, you can do or say whatever you want to them and it’s all good because you feel they deserve it. Would be great if holistic thinking were promoted or even valued just slightly.

    • The neighbour may be a prick, but that doesn’t negate the fact that PDP was carrying on in a way that annoyed the hell out of said neighbour. If my neighbour was screeching late at night I’d be pretty pissed off too. He doesn’t get a free pass just because the neighbour was a prick, especially if this has been an ongoing thing (and I don’t doubt that it has). You don’t get your behaviour excused because the other person used a slur against you.

      • Please tell me when it was late at night? He CLEARLY mentioned that ALL recording is done during the day. When the guy came and yelled at them he said it was 4:30 in the afternoon.
        But sure yeh it was a “FACT” that he was carrying on late at night. Do you even know what a fact is?

        • I guess you just didn’t bother to read the letter of complaint and instead will take PDW’s word on the whole thing…

          He’s trying to run a “recording studio” in a residential area where he screeches his lungs out. I have no sympathy.

          • He’s a classic case of ‘I’ll take the popular person’s word for it 100% because he’s popular’

          • Orrrr the fact that its the only view we have? I have no reason not to believe him at this point.

          • Thats actually even more reason not to. You shouldnt automatically side when you only hear one view. It pays to be far more critical.

          • The same videos that the article mentions are normally recorded in the sound-proofed rooms?

          • If you have seen any of his work there are ones that definitely aren’t. I’m not trying to point out who is right or wrong but just saying in some of his videos (I’ve used some as a bit of a walk through on indie survival horror games) it is night by his own words and it doesn’t look like a sound proof room.
            Either way though he is conducting a business out of a rented apartment which may or may not be in breach of his lease.

          • Posted this above, but I will again:
            Despite what he says that is *NOT* a sound proof room. It is acoustic treatment to stop reverberations within the room but it’s not going to stop all sound getting out of it. Some, maybe, but not all. A proper sound proof job would require major work that you’d never get to do in a rental.

    • And people not wanting to hear screaming from a rich idiot is very annoying to those rich idiots.

  • Lol yes because I would admit on video that I’d been a nuisance and the eviction was unwarranted too, doesn’t mean it true. I can say I’ve never gotten a speeding ticket, want proof here:

    See no speeding ticket, I’m innocent I tell ya.

    The guy is an annoying little shit, whether the neighbour was justified in his language or not, he broke an ordinance on his building and its an eviction offence. Get over it, I’m sure he has, just happy to wind up his little army for more attention. Mission accomplished clearly

  • This isn’t unexpected….

    I remember when I used to listen to Roosterteeth Podcasts that Michael said he films RageQuit videos (which involves him swearing loudly at a game) in the evening when the office is closed to avoid disturbing other people….

    • Didn’t he mainly do that in the new office where they don’t have a ceiling over the office partitions, meaning sound travels very easily? That said, I haven’t seen a new Rage Quit video for some time.

  • That’s where you’re wrong. In the video, he talks about how he wasn’t even given a warning before being kicked out. The noise complaint came AFTER the eviction, and complained about noise “late at night”. Felix explicitly stated that he made sure to not make noise after 11pm.

    • Believe everything a rich famous kid says because he’s rich and famous, got it.

          • Wat. Its true.
            You’re saying that we shouldn’t believe everything a rich famous kid says. Why?
            Do we have a reason not to believe him? If he wasn’t rich and famous would you believe him?

  • Why does a multi-millionaire like Pewds live in a rental house where asshole neighbors can come over and call him “faggot” to his face, and a landlord who can evict him for stupid reasons? Can’t he afford a nice place in the country where he can make all kinds of God awful noise and have a big fence to keep out homophobic neighbours?

    • Yeh what you said. I’m confused why he would rent a unit/apartment to work in and i assume live as well. Supossedly he’s a multi-millionaire.

  • Trampling on tenant rights just because the tenant is rich/poor/an asshole/a junkie/’not the right kind of person’/criminal background is unacceptable.

    You give warnings of complaint before you provide notice of eviction. It’s the thing that people with a shred of common decency do. Doesn’t matter who the tenant is. I hope that if PDP REALLY didn’t get any notices of warning and JUST got evicted that the landlord gets taken to the fucking cleaners.

    • Sure, but I mean we don’t know the whole story. He was still running a recording studio in a residential area.

    • With this guy’s attitude, though, do you really think if he’d actually been unlawfully evicted, he wouldn’t be in court first thing the next morning complaining about it? People always present things in the best possible light for themselves and leave out facts that make them look bad – this guy just happens to have a particularly large audience.

      • ‘This guy’s attitude’? I dunno, I don’t follow the guy because his videos annoy me, but most of what I’ve seen on sites like this are talking about how he’s mellowed and is becoming more politically correct. It doesn’t make sense, to me, that he’d keep doing something that he’d received warnings for, and feign surprise about there being consequences.

        And whatever kind of attitude he has as someone ‘Internet Famous’… I’d say that most landlords I’ve had experience with have worse attitudes.
        No respect for tenant rights whatsoever, treating them like inconveniences that they don’t feel like they should have to obey. Un-requested ‘Maintenance’ inspections to get around the rules about limits on how many inspections can be performed in a 3-6 month period, IF they even bother to give an excuse for entering without notice, and you don’t come home to noticing some things have been moved around but nothing’s missing and no entry broken into. I caught one of the assholes red-fucking-handed, claiming that a neighbour had complained about hearing a cat meowing in the apartment. Complete bullshit like that. Going months and months without fixing basic property maintenance because they hoped that if it was annoying enough, the tenant would fix it out of pocket instead. Had one that was always trying to record as many ‘notice to remedy breaches’ as possible for shit that doesn’t even qualify and would be rejected on dispute… I had one try to issue a notice to remedy breach for I-shit-you-not water-spots on the bathroom mirror during an inspection. I rolled my eyes and was using it as an amusing anecdote to a friend who’s a rental agent, but he told me to dispute it because unethical landlords log as many ‘breaches’ as they can so it goes on the blacklist and can be used as evidence of prior misbehaviour if they want to justify taking your fucking bond. My current landlord’s pretty great, very chill, but the ones I’ve had in the past were the definition of corrupt.

        So I don’t particularly know or care what Pewdiepie’s rep is like, I’ll trust his word on something like this over a landlord any day. Especially the kind of landlord who’s willing to scream ‘faggot’ at people.

        • Yeah…can’t argue about the general assholishness of landlords too much. Had one once who tried to breach me for some dead insects in the ceiling light shade. And again for dust on top of the air conditioning (which you’d need to stand on a chair to see).

          In all fairness, though, it was the neighbour who said “faggot”, not the landlord.

  • i like how hes like oh for a normal person this would be much harder…

    A) your not exactly special
    B) ‘normal’ people wouldnt be screaming like a moron all day and getting noise complaints.

  • you get an eviction notice which is normally a couple of weeks. seems to be about the same timeframe they have given mr special.

  • based on the 2 occasions when i bothered to watch his youtube antics playing horror games in VR, i can see that they way he acts up to the camera by screaming Loudly and overreacting that he would indeed annoy the heck out of me if i was his neighbour. complaint warranted.

    • Agreed. Him and his clone army of yelling overreactive gamer youtubers are painful to watch.

  • Now I’m not from the UK but, in the USA it is called an Immediate Termination. Where, when the renter can be evicted immediate due to breach of contract/lease.
    Now when I was working as a leasing agent I did have this happen once at my property, but not for a noise violation. Although, I did fine PLENTY of residents for noise violations.

  • i can’t believe this is even a thing. i’m honestly surprised he’s doing this in a completely residential area, as much as he goes ape. it’s impressive people dealt with it for so long. imagine hearing some guy scream randomly at night for an hour. imagine if he was making videos with filthy frank >_< haha

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