PlayStation Plus Is Free This Weekend In Australia

As someone whose PlayStation Plus subscription is just about to end, this is just perfect timing.

Daddy's gonna be playing Overwatch this weekend. A LOT.

The free period kicks off at 7pm on Friday evening until 7pm on Monday. That's three whole days of free PlayStation Plus.

Worthy of note: the PlayStation 4 has recently released its v3.55 update, so you might want to get that downloaded in advance if you want to make the most of that sweet, sweet free PlayStation Plus time.


    Is this just the online play that's free? Or do people get access to the PS+ games, too?

    Gone Home is free on PS+ at the moment... you could probably download and knock that off over the course of the weekend.

      This is exactly my plan if PS+ titles are also temporarily available. And hey, I might even try paying for a PS+ sub if I like it. But since I hardly use my PS4 and generally don't like online multiplayer I doubt it. Heck I only have XBL Gold because I used to play Destiny every night and my most recent renew hasn't lapsed yet. Will probably keep it going for the free games though.

      For previous free weekends, it is only PS4 multiplayer that was made free. Everything else is business as usual.

    Ah huh, and when is this free weekend?

      Presumably the one coming up?

        and how much is this free weekend going to cost me?

          $29.95 per quarter or $79.95 for the whole year.

            Ok, when is it?

              logh ro' nIvbogh ro'

                and how much are they CHARGING, for this free weekend?

                  A quick handy behind the toilet block should cover it.

                  Oh man I'm in tears. Not sure if it's the simpsons reference or the fact that it went so far over his head, either way I thank you for the chortle

                  The leader is good, The leader is great, we surrender our will as of this date

                did you just turn in to a demon or is it just my computer again

            Can confirm. Tried a free weekend way back for the Destiny Alpha, still paying for it. :P

    Just a reminder that accepting the playstation plus membership terms and conditions resets the automatic renewal setting on your account, I believe...

      Do you have to link a credit card to a PSN account?

        I don't think so, in which case you will be fine. I was just warning those who have there cards linked to their accounts, that they switch auto renewal back on when you renew or accept these promotions for playstation plus. I think that's the case anyway.

    Loving it - my ps+ membership expired a couple of months back so i finally got to play against someone on mortal kombat x... It got boring just playing against the AI.

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