Please Put On Your Gamer Suit

Video: THE CALL UP (their caps, not mine) is an upcoming movie about the gamers and the video games and the plot twists and the trailer actually has the line WHEN THE GAME IS REAL.

It's like the '90s never ended.


    Seriously lol, did the black guy just die first?

      He must have shown someone photos of his kids or worse yet, told someone what he was going to do when he gets home. The two rules of the battlefield you never break!

        He must've been one day away from retirement!!!!..... wait.... that's the police... but this doesn't look like it knows what it wants to be anyhow so what the heck!

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    "Are you tough enough to play?" on the screen reminded me of this.

      LOL!! 10 thumbs up for you, my friend!

      Ah! The '80s! When two sentences was enough back story for you to beat up a shit load of ninjas!

    Not to delve into obscure J-RPGs that nobody has heard about (let alone played), but I'm getting a strong .hack// vibe from that trailer.

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      .hack// may be obscure today, but back in its day when the anime was around, it was decently well known.

      I'm getting more a vibe of Sword Art Online (with guns)

        I have been thinking of giving that anime a try. Some are saying that it rips off .hack//.

        But in terms of .hack//, there is no denying that it had a healthy niche but I don't think even in its hay day it became known at all.

        The original four volume series (which the fandom calls the INFECTION series) I almost missed out on as after the second volume only one store in my area would stock it and the local publisher didn't even take the time to announce the release date.

        It didn't help the games either that each volume could be finished in virtually one sitting and there was still room for another complete game when you put all four on the one disk.

        Truth be told, I'm surprised you know of it as I though I was the only one here.

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          It's similar to .//Hack (any of the series) in the same way that it's similar to Log Horizon. SAO starts off with a similar premise but over the series it delves more into VR and the morals and impact on society alongside the human drama. Well, I say human drama but apart from a few characters it's more about harem tropes and flashy fights than .//Hack was. It doesn't really rip anything off other than they're all exploring the same question of what would happen if a game became your reality.

          In terms of the games I've only played the SAO games as the .//Hack series was scarce on shelves when I found out about it through .//Hack/Sign. They're a fun distraction but don't go in expecting the same level of production you get from the major JRPG series.

          SAO is an awesome 14-episode anime. Yep, 14 episodes. You may find as you look for it mentions of episodes 15-26, but you are advised to stay away from those counterfeit episodes.

            Hmph. I liked where they were going with it, though. It wasn't comfortable, but it was interesting and unexpected.

              Really? [SPOILERS] You didn't feel personally offended by the way they totally crapped on the protagonists' love story, one of the best in anime those days, just to be able to introduce an awkwardly forced, titillatingly semi-incestuous new character for an eyerollingly lowest-denominator-pandering love triangle? And how the previous strong female protagonist was reduced to a damsel in distress to serve the tritest "rescue the princess" plot? How they used a ridiculous clichey Snidely Whiplash of a villain, or how they felt the need to randomly bring back the first arc's villain, literally the world's biggest mass-murderer in a vaguely heroic role? What about the blatant hints of sexualisation of the protagonists' "daughter"? I could keep going the whole day.

              I... have strong opinions about SAO's second arc.

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                I misread and thought you were talking about Log Horizon.

                I actually haven't seen SAO much past its first season twist. (The duel.) I have no idea what any of that stuff you're talking about is.

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                  heh oops indeed. Well at least now you know better to delve any deeper. My hatred for it is this intense only because my love for the first arc was equally as intense. A beautiful, noble thing was forever tainted by the most transparently pandering, by-the-numbers, soulless effort to get the sticky otakus' money. Let us never speak of this again.

          Sword Art Online felt a bit like it actually did it better in terms of building tension.
          And Log Horizon is hands-down my favourite for its characterization.
          Overlord does something similar with an amusing twist, with the protagonist setting out to rule the world as an evil overlord.
          Is It Wrong To Try To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon was similar, except it's like no-one actually knows they're in a game.

          @germinalconsequence and @pylgrim: OK, might give it a try if it's on Crunchy Roll.

          I still have a ST: TNG boxset to work through (finally got around to seeing Star Trek for the first time) so I'm in no hurry.

    This is like the american take on sword art online. Am i wrong here. Its the same shit

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