Podcast: Overwatch Is Crazy Fun

As you probably already know, Overwatch is an excellent game — unless you play Torbjorn. Fuck Torbjorn. Today on Kotaku Splitscreen, join me and Kirk to talk about the merits of Overwatch and how Mei is awful but Widowmaker owns. We've also got an E3 postmortem, some hands-on Zelda impressions, thoughts on Hitman and Zero Time Dilemma and even some bonus Game of Thrones talk.

You can find today's episode on iTunes or Google Play, or listen directly via SimpleCast. (MP3 download here.)


    Genji is now on my most hated list now, I guess on some level I should be thankful that while players are spamming teams full of him now, they are no longer being spammed by Torbjorns. But between his god like ultimate and his deflect thing, oh how I hate him (I say that because even though I know how it works and I like how he kills Bastions, I am stupid enough to keep shooting when he does it. Seriously he has killed me more times with that than I have killed myself walking over a fallen junkrat). I have to blame HIM i cant possibly blame myself for my own failings

      Its better when you die to deflects though you aren't/didn't shoot during it, but instead your idiot team mate did (who is far enough away to not die), thank you team mate.

      Overwatch is very much hate th playa not the game. I don't have any probs with any individual characters, just people who either play them badly, pick them when they're inappropriate for the game type, or when we already have three other of that class/role (usually the same exact character).

      But the worst are people who play a character too well, they suck ;)

      I hate how he can reflect rockets. Bullets I understand but rockets explode on impact and the energy beams are obviously not able to be reflected. The rocket thing really irks me :|

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