Podcast: Will Xbox Scorpio Make A Difference?

Podcast: Will Xbox Scorpio Make A Difference?

There’s a lot we don’t know yet about Xbox Scorpio, but hey, let’s talk about it anyway. On today’s episode of Kotaku Splitscreen we wonder: Will Microsoft’s upgraded Xbox pick up enough steam to catch up with the PS4?

Also: Overwatch, No Man’s Sky delay/death threats and even some Game of Thrones spoiler talk.

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Bonus fan art, drawn by Nabilah Nazmi:


  • Hope you are feeling a little better Jason, after the nonsense that went on with NMS scoop. Appreciate both yourself & Kirks effort on the podcast & kotaku in general. Keep your head up, you’re doing a fantastic job.

  • The 4K media console will win me over. I honestly don’t even care about the upgraded gaming capabilities at this point. 4K bluray, 4k Netflix, 4K media, or gtfo.

    • This. 1080/60 would be nice (and should be a freaking given by this stage in time), but its all about that 4k playback in all honesty.

  • with the frequency of the update on hardware on consoles, its prolly easier to get a small form factor PC or a budget PC…. the only negative would be missing out on a few exclusives such as uncharted 4 (if you can handle that), but you are swapping for the largest repository on games …..not trying to start a flame war…. being serious

    • Last I checked you couldn’t even watch 4k Netflix on pc. Everyone is too terrified of piracy to give pc the goods.

      • why are you watching TV with a console? LOL if thats the best justification of consoles then it really is not worth it

        • Xbox on, turns on my TV, stereo, starts tv. Everything by voice. Why would I pick up a controller or remote when I can be walking through the house and just tell my TV to do something? Then when a friend invites me to a game, I can just accept and play. No getting a message, firing it up, switching hdmi inputs and then missing the round and having to wait for the next one.

          • Ah, a biased PC master racer who hasn’t played a modern console and has definitely never used one that has been set up to its full potential. Refreshing.

      • So you are saying the only way to watch 4K Netflix content on PC is to pirate it?

        How Ironic.

        • TVs have it inbuilt mate

          not that I watch TV or Netflix with the crap thats on there

          • You don’t seem to be the type that would use a TV as a PC monitor. Hell, that latency! Goddamn!

          • I only feed bits and bytes into my veins via my optic nerve man what you talking about

            dont need no 1950s TV

  • i like the idea of these upgraded consoles. theyll share some similarities with PC where settings can be adjusted depending on which version of the console you have. no user base gets alienated. provided that’s the goal. that games will be developed to work on all versions.
    some people can run PC games on ultra settings with an awesome rig and some have to run certain games on low or medium settings. but everyone gets to play.

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