Rare's Pirate Co-Op Game Sea Of Thieves Looks Dope

Though the gameplay footage was brief, today we got a taste of what you'll be able to do in Sea of Thieves — and it looks great.

Obviously, there's a lot of sailing and exploration of different islands, all of which you'll enjoy with the company of your pals. Unless of course you make enemies. Naval battles against other pirates seems to be a big part of Sea of Thieves.

There seems to be some degree of hierarchy built into the game, with different ships having specific captains — who will have their own quarters, of course:

Crew members, meanwhile, must do their part to keep the ship in tip-top shape. Sometimes this means manning different parts of the ship, but other times it will mean doing things like boarding up exposed areas that were damaged during battle.

In short, it looks like a pirate sim — which sounds cool as hell to me.


    I would like to up vote this article because of the use of the word "dope" because this game does look pretty dope!

    Looks great. Was worried Xbox only but based on the end, Win 10 as well. Yay.

      Win 10? Oh well, was tempting for a little

        All the Win 10 hate is a little silly. I was a hater then actually tried it a month ago. Still installed and still running flawlessly.

          I don't dislike it because it "doesn't work"

          I dislike the fact they are aggressively forcing it on us, coupled with the adverts and data-mining inbuilt with the software.

    The marketer that decided to obscure a humdrum trailer with loud, obnoxious "personalities"? They deserve a raise.

    Looks pretty shit, to be honest. WoW graphics, no gameplay shown besides running about doing chores and then a bit of Black Flag ship combat. I need more before I feel anything other than that this will be a flop.

    This looks all too familiar:

    Sigh.....pass. I just want an open world pirate game based on Black Flag.

    Would be fun I guess if you were playing wit a bunch of mates. But let's be honest, how often does that actually happen these days?

    Not a lot of good out of E3 this year.

      I would love an open world pirate game like Black Flag that had closer to scale ocean and island sizes, keep lots of those sea shanties and for the love of god dynamic weather and waves.

      I spent alot of my time in Black Flag just sailing about taking in the sights and listening to the crew go through their shanty play list :)

    Ubisoft / Ghost Recon Wildlands take note. I know 90% of your employees are unfeeling PR robots now, but this is how real human beings interact when they play online.

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