Remastered Batman Arkham Games Have Been Delayed 

Remastered Batman Arkham Games Have Been Delayed 

Batman: Return to Arkham, the two-pack that features current-gen versions of Batman Arkham Asylum and Batman Arkham City, won’t make its previously announced July 26 release date.

[Image: WB Games]

As reported earlier, Warners promised that the remastered games have “improved graphics, as well as upgraded models, environments, lighting, effects and shaders” as well as all of the games’ downloadable content. So far, only PS4 and Xbox One versions have been announced.

However, folks will have to wait for Return to Arkham. Further tweaking is needed to get the games out the door; however, currently, there is no updated release date.

Over on the Warner Bros. Games forum, staff posted the following message:

After reviewing the progress of the project, the team at WB Games has decided to delay the release of Batman: Return to Arkham to give the team at Virtuous Games additional time to deliver a polished Batman Arkham game experience. We do not have a release date yet and will be sure to communicate that once we are sure the game will be ready. We know this is disappointing news, but we feel the extra time will allow the team to create the best gaming experience for our fans.

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  • Remember when Arkham Knight was announced in March 2014 due to be released the same year only to be delayed in June for a whole year? Rocksteady will soon be going the way of Gearbox.

  • So are we to expect performance like Arkham Knight on PC and then a collectors edition that gets cancelled at the last minute?

  • Could be delayed for Arkham Origins to be added to the collection.. Stupid that it wasnt added to begin with.
    But fingers crossed for a proper remaster none the less, just want to play as Catwoman again in AC because why have all these characters in AK and waste them for little segments, im just annoyed that a lot of effort was used on a roster of characters and a huge city to explore..

  • I’m still not sure why they are making this, the Arkham games have aged well and don’t really need an update.
    The only thing i can think of which would be worth updating would be the combat system especially in Asylum.

  • Given how bad those comparison shots looked, I’d though we were calling it a DeMaster?

    It’s not surprising this got delayed.

  • Damn, this would have tied in nicely with my Batman cosplay, oh well, hope they fix issues and not make it worse then release it half baked

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