Resident Evil 7 Will Be More Like Classic Resident Evil Than The Demo

Resident Evil 7 Will Be More Like Classic Resident Evil Than The Demo

In the wake of Resident Evil 7‘s E3 reveal, Capcom dropped a teaser demo that’s… different.Resident Evil? More like Resident P.T.-vil,” said somebody somewhere, probably. But according to Capcom, the final game will be more like classic Residents Evil (the correct plural; fight me) than people are expecting. As with anything that’s different, the Resident Evil 7 teaser has been divisive. Some people love the return to horror over action, but others wonder why Capcom even slapped the Resident Evil name on a slow-paced, first-person exploration game that seemed wholly removed from their precious realm of zombie viruses and raccoons. Because video games are involved, fiery debates ensued. Capcom, however, has stepped in to settle them. Maybe.

“Puzzle solving, resource management, and combat” are all “coming down the line,” director Koushi Nakanishi told IGN. “They’re all in there, but we’re focusing on horror has come home as a kind of theme for the teaser demo. So if you thought the games were going away from horror in previous years, this is just a statement of intent, purpose, to say it’s back.”

Players have already uncovered clues to one weapon, an axe, in the teaser. There are traditional elements like an inventory as well. It’s worth noting, however, that the teaser is not part of the main game. Capcom said as much during a recent stream.

Resident Evil 7 will also be set in the same universe as other games, set after RE5 and RE6. That said, the full game will still be far more intimate in scale than recent series entries, so don’t expect another Hollywood blockbuster-type scenario. “If anyone out there has a bloodlust for holding a gun, check out Umbrella Corps,” Nakanishi said to Eurogamer. “We are separating these aspects out into different titles where that gameplay can come to the fore, and makes the most sense for that title. [Resident Evil 7] is not going to be a gun fest.”

Capcom’s trying to create a claustrophobic experience that mixes exploration, puzzle-solving and a bit of combat to get your heart pumping and every part of your body (even your butt) sweating. In other words:

“The game is survival horror,” Nakanishi said to EG.

But if that’s not enough to convince you, here’s the most important news of all:

“I can confirm herbs,” he said.


    • I thought the same thing. Listening to reviews I played ‘Gone Home’ with NO idea what it was about. Start at a stormy house…mentions of a ghost…my expectations were challenged (good game though).
      This demo had no journal entries though…

      • Gone Home gave me the heebie jeebies at least as much as the RE7 teaser, and with no jump scares!

        I’m not knocking the teaser btw; it was a fun little freebie.

  • I like everything except the first person perspective, adds nothing for me.

    Demo was good enough for me to put up with it, but a choice like Elder Scrolls/ Fallout would be nice.

  • Sorry, this is a little too much ‘gotcha!’ reporting. I liked the demo, but obviously like any Metroid-vania (even though I hate that term) you’re going to be ill-equipped at various spots and forced to explore spooky bits.

    Surprised Nakanishi didn’t get more crap for his ‘got bloodlust’ remark from the regular alarmists, though.

    Don’t even call it a demo, it’s a teaser (they even put that in the title, it’s PSN that categorises it as a demo) – a playable teaser of course. A living, breathing, undead, not-living, groaning, horrific, ad.

  • > Residents Evil (the correct plural; fight me)

    O.K. I’m in.

    The correct plural is Resident Evils. In this case the “Evil” is the noun, the “Resident” is the adjective (i.e. it’s an evil that lives here). Pluralise the noun to “Evils” and have the adjective agree with it (it usually won’t change because adjectives typically don’t).

    Where you do pluralise the first word is because the adjective follows the noun, typically because it’s a loan-phrase from another language like French. “Governors General” and “Attorneys General” are right because the word “General” is the adjective describing the sort of “Governor”/”Attorney” you’re talking about.

    • Resident Evils is correct, but not because of the relationship between the words. “Resident Evil” as it is being used is a proper name so you add an ‘-s’ or ‘-es’ to the last word in the name (Proper names don’t follow normal pluralisation rules). If you were treating it as common nouns (no capitals) describing the characters and creatures in the game then yes, it would be residents evil because you are using the adjective “evil” to describe the residents plural.

      But! In the end the least awkward way to describe the collective is to say “the Resident Evil games”.

  • I miss the old lumbering zombies that didnt have some weird fucking parasite inside them 🙁

    • Depending on where the emphasis is put in this sentence I get some disturbing pictures… OVERFIEND!

      But yes, I liked the T-Virus and G-Virus with all the mutations. I really liked RE4 and played it to death on the WII.

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