Right Now, From Software Doesn't Want To Make Dark Souls Sequels

Right Now, From Software Doesn't Want To Make Dark Souls Sequels

With Dark Souls III out, From Software is hard at work at upcoming DLC. But what about a sequel? Don't hold your breath just yet. Hidetaka Miyazaki says the studio has three projects in development, and none of them are Dark Souls sequels.

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In an interview with 4Gamer, Miyazaki mentioned how From Software will release the first DLC for Dark Souls III this fall in Japan and then the second DLC in early 2017. The DLC will follow a similar format to what From Software has released in the past for the Soul series. Sequels and spin-offs, however, won't likely appear anytime soon.

"With this latest release, we're going to put the Dark Souls series on hold for a while," Miyazaki said. "This is because it was never our real motive for From Software to be the Dark Souls-only company." This isn't the end of the line for the popular series, though. "It's not my intention to say that the [Souls] series is completely finished," he said. Miyazaki then added that currently he's just not thinking about Dark Souls sequels or spin-offs. In the future, From Software could certainly return to the series.

Miyazaki added that since the Souls series and Bloodborne IPs are not owned by From Software, it's possible that remastered versions of Dark Souls games or Bloodborne will be released, depending on what the publishers decide.

"Right now, rather than making a Dark Souls sequel, we have a strong feeling that we'd like to leverage our development experience into making new titles," Miyazaki explained.

When asked what kind of games they were, here's how Miyazaki explained one of them is "an Action RPG, and even though it's not Dark Souls, it's possible that the in-game world will be dark fantasy." He added that the game would have a different approach than the Souls titles.

"Another one [of the new projects] is a reboot of titles we previously worked on, but taking that as a leaping off point to make a new game," he said. The last one is different from what the studio has done before. Miyazaki added, "With all due respect, it's a slightly odd one."

When asked about Armoured Core, Miyazaki said the series isn't finished and From Software devs are keen to make more, so we can probably look forward to that. "We don't have a choice not to make it," Miyazaki explained, going on to say that it was a series that began his career as a game developer.


    I wonder if that means the new titles will use the same "Souls design" or not. Sounds like maybe some?

    I'm pretty sure they only published it, but please do another 3D Dot Game Heroes.

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    sorry, something lodged in my throat

      What about Chromehounds? I want more of that. The multiplayer was so rad and ahead of its time (for consoles especially).

    Well, they've been saying that for a while, but I guess if people insist on continually asking about it... they'll just have to keep saying it for people to report on?

    Hopefully the three projects that aren't "Dark Souls sequels" are:
    - DS3 DLC
    - Demon's Souls 2
    - Bloodborne 2


    For the love of all that is great in this universe, give me more Armored Core!

    I'm fine if there isn't a new game in the 'Souls' franchise for a while. Let them work on new IPs or make another 'Armoured Core'. Pretty sure we'll end up getting a 'Bloodborne' sequel, so that'll satiate my hunger for that style of game (that and I just got my hands on a copy of 'Demon's Souls' so I'm going to go through that.).

    I just really want a sequel to '3D Dot Game Heroes', please!

    ...Though I do remember the rumours of a Dark Souls-esque sci-fi game they had ideas about...

    I'm really, REALLY hoping they don't, in fact, make any more games with the 'Dark Souls' name. We all know full well they can make other games in the same style (Demons' Souls preceded Dark Souls and Bloodborne was well-received) so I really hope they can stick to their guns, leave Dark Souls 3 as the finale the trilogy deserved, and not succumb to trilogy bloat. When you've told a complete story and then decide to add onto it just to take advantage of the name recognition, that's when you've sold out. For example, why are BioWare making Mass Effect Andromeda rather than creating a NEW sci-fi RPG setting? Because it's easier and they know it will sell more. They couldn't stick to their guns, they couldn't maintain their artistic credibility, they had to cash in. Sad.

    Ninja Blade 2? Minus the quicktime events please...

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