Rocksteady's Doing A Batman VR Game

Rocksteady, developers of the Batman series (Arkham City, etc), are returning to the well for a VR game.

No idea if it's new or just a conversion of the older games (or parts of them).


    Could be good although would imagine the combat wouldn't work too well in first person VR, but grappling and gliding would be cool

      Who cares about combat, I'd play a VR 'World's Greatest Detective' game with all kinds of augmented vision trickery provided by the cowl.

    Developers taking the proof-of-concept approach to VR and doing drips and drabs like this is probably a smart move. The mini-games that resonate can be adapted into more fully-fledged products, I suppose. Just like they did with the Wii and Wii U. OK maybe not the Wii U.

    They don't seem to have had the hardware for long though, if this is anything to go by. There's very little of an Arkham game that could be re-worked for VR. Darting from thug to thug during a combat chain? Hanging upside down in the predator stealth sections?

    Sure, the VR Batmobile will probably be fun but I want to ride in the 60s model in the open sun. That's not too much to ask, is it?

    I wonder if they'll ever be allowed to make a non-Batman game, or if it'll always be like this?

    Saw some interview with a developer and it looks like it'll be a short story and more of a detective game, probably a couple of hourd of gameplay. As long as they don't charge much for it I'm fine with that.

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