Scarlett Johansson Spotted In Ghost In The Shell Costume In Hong Kong [UPDATE]

Until now, we haven't gotten that good of a look at Scarlett Johansson in the upcoming Ghost in the Shell film. The only released publicity still is a profile shot, so it's hard to see how she'll pull off augmented-cybernetic human Motoko Kusanagi. [Image: Apple Daily]

Johansson's casting has been a source of controversy in the West, with the film being criticised for whitewashing the source material.

Via HK01 and Twitch Film, here are set photos of the movie's shoot in Hong Kong. Apple Daily and South China Morning Post report that the cast and crew were spotted on Pak Hoi Street.

[Image: HK01]

[Image: HK01]

Update: According to Johansson's publicist, these two images below depict her double:

[Image: HK01]

[Image: HK01]

Good choice for a double. She looks just like the actress or just like Kusanagi. Whichever.

Here's actor Pilou Asbæk, who plays Batou.

[Image: HK01]

A comparison via HK01:

[Image: HK01]

HK01 also has shots of extras and street market locations, which might give you an idea of what the film will be like

[Image: HK01]

[Image: HK01]

[Image: HK01]

[Image: HK01]




    I don't know why but I'm getting the feeling this is going to be a major trainwreck of a film...

    I'm guessing Batou's eyes are going to be digitally replaced? I guess that makes sense as otherwise they'd impede performance and visibility...

    I don't think any of the actors shown fit the characters... eh.... not looking good

      This is what happens when Americans try to recreate any international masterpiece. Put their own spin on it and ruin it for everyone.

    lol, behind the scenes armature window photography and everyone is screaming bloody murder that 'it doesn't look right!'

      More specifically, Johansson doesn't look right. I understand they are adapting the anime for western audiences and need star name pulling-power, but it really is a kick in the proverbials and a big 'fuck you' to people who think that a Japanese (or even Asian) actress could have played the role just as well. Unsurprising but nonetheless disappointing.

        Never underestimate the power of VFX!
        Im really happy they chose Hong Kong because it has a much more traditional GITS feel with the crowded towering streets and vendors everywhere.

        Yeah it's a bit annoying. I'm sure there's plenty of capable Asian American actors.

        Tbh though I've rarely found anime characters to look particular Asian so it doesn't seem like as big a deal to me.

    I was a skeptic but seeing these pics of the actors in full dressup, they actually look good.
    But they better add batou's eyes

    Hong Kong is looking good. Looks just like Hong Kong.

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