Oh man, I haven't had a day 3 in AGES.

No-one managed to guess yesterday's ScribbleTaku, or the one before that. Here's a brand new image to help you all out.

Here's the previous two for reference...

Good luck everyone.


    Everything looks so god damn familiar. I'm gonna kick myself when I learn the answer.

      Same here. Yesterdays jerrycan and the crosshairs seem so familiar its not funny. Todays face though, not so much.

    Can't you guys see the pattern?

    It's The Dig. It's ALWAYS The Dig.

    I think I need to start coming back here everyday.

      You should team up with decoy and suggest Biker Mice from the Dig!

      Hey... HEY! Gon get! Scram! Yer kind aint welcome ear no more!

      This one is clearly Biker Mice from Mars!

    This is driving me nuts because all 3 of these are so familiar but the only thing I can think of right now is one of the Jagged Alliance games, and I'm not so sure that's it :'D

    Resident Evil? Well, one of the games from its series.

    I know these pictures, they are from an old turn based strategy desert/wasteland survival game.

    The skull picture/gascan gave it away for me. Just can't remember the damn name of it.

    Spent so long playing that game, looking at dead squadies and having to find gas for the convoy,,

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