Congrats to HailStorm, who managed to guess that the ScribbleTaku that's confuddled you all for the last four days was Body Harvest on the N64!

Hailstorm guessed on the second day, after I'd posted the third clue. Apologies for not spotting, but I just assume everyone's moved on after I post the next clue.

Regardless — well done! That was a lot of fun.

Good luck with today's effort. It's up there with some of the worst shit I've ever drawn.

Don't forget you can send in your own drawings! Save the people from my terrible scribbles!


    Wow. And Body Harvest always seemed to be one of those games that was always everywhere too, although I myself never actually played it :P

    This one reminds me of Smash Bros on 64.

    Actually perhaps Nintendogs. Or one of those other early DS games like Project Rub.

    Last edited 07/06/16 12:26 pm

    Looks like the eye toy game wishy washy or whatever it was called, the one where you had to clean windows.

      That's what I was thinking too, if not that then gotta be something on DS

    Its dignity. Don't you know dignity when you see it?

      Kirk: And here's a picture even you can figure out! [draws a circle in a rectangle] It's a door! Use it!

      Homer: That's a Door!?


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