Congrats to Gooky, who correctly guessed that my last ScribbleTaku was Nintendogs! Congrats!

(I actually loved Nintendogs.)

Good luck with today's effort!


    Huzzah! I wonder how flea-infested my Nintendog is.

    Some kind of isometric pinball... which I can't ever think of having seen before. So I'll say Marble Madness. Or maybe Sonic 3D.

      I was also thinking a Sonic game. They often have casino-themed zones. (Casino Nights Zone music was my favourite from Sonic 2)

    Looks like Head Over Heels, but the 100 on top is throwing me a bit.

    Sonic the hedgehog in the casino night zone

    There's roughly 5 billion different Pinball games out there.

    Let's go with 3d Ultra Pinball.

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