Nobody got my ScribbleTaku cameo on Friday, so it's back for you to all have another go.

I dropped a hint in the comments that it was related to current affairs, but I'll be more explicit today. Think about what video games might have some kind of connection with Brexit, and you'll be in the right territory. (But not exclusively connected.)

Good luck!


    Isn't it customary to provide a new scribble for each day that it runs, not just reheat the previous one? :P

      They go for up to three days until someone guesses correctly.

        Yes, but there's normally a new clue for each day for the same game...

          Normally yes, but Alex is taking the reins for Serrels whilst he's away :D

    I've been wondering if it's not some kind of management sim like Civilisation or Age of Empires.

    What was the baby Scribbletaku from Thursday?

      Ultimate ScribbleTake: 2016 Edition by Neeson Soft.

        NeesonSoft Does, 16-Bit Graphics!
        NeesonSoft Does, Blast Processing!

        NeesonSoft Does what NintenDon't!

          NeesonSoft certainly does!

          Nintendo planed their consoles out rather than make half-baked add-ons, NeesonSoft did, :-P

    Sid Miller's Beyond Earth?

      Is Miller a typo, or a deliberate piss-take?

        No, I did get the spelling wrong. Sorry.

          Awww i thought there was some brilliant underhanded pisstake on Sid Meier naming everything all the time :P

            If there is a joke here, it's lost on me. What was it about 'Miller' that made my mistake seem like a joke?

              Dunno, a plain name for a plain game perhaps? Just the way it rolled off the tongue, seemed like there a bit of cheekiness attached. I'm probably delusional because it's Monday XD

    Given the hint, one of the Democracy games? The first, I'd guess, as I'm pretty sure at least 2 & 3 have a penchant for circles over boxes.

    Edit: Also, searching for screenshots of "democracy" is not exactly enlightening. :P

    Last edited 27/06/16 12:43 pm

    Capitalism plus.

      Looks like a winner winner chicken dinner! @alexwalker, should I scribble up one for tomorrow?

        We've got one scheduled for tomorrow. But congrats @welbot! And I did see your Papers, Please answer, but yeah people can see where I drew the inspiration from.

        Was the clue a bit too overt? Should I make them harder or easier or about the same when I get my next scribble chance?

          Clue was not too bad. Had me on the right line of thinking. I knew I'd seen it somewhere before, but wasn't sure if it was an old game or a new one I'd seen it in. My first thought was Capitalism 2, since I played that way more than I did Cap Plus, but didn't seem to match when I looked at screenies. Should have known to go back and check the first one too ;)

          Unless you present a new picture, I wouldn't stress too much about being overt Alex :)

    Some obscure PC game I ain't never even heard of.

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