Serious Sam Is Getting A VR Game

Serious Sam is getting a VR game. It's coming to Steam Early Access this summer, and it's about shooting everything that moves. Finally, a killer app for VR. (Sorry, it's early and I can't do jokes yet.)


    And from developer comments on reddit it seems they rejected Facebook/oculus exclusivity money in favour of open PC gaming. So they get my money just on the principle of not dividing PC gaming. Hell, even if I didn't own a headset I'd consider buying just to support devs with strong moral fortitude.

    the multiplayer LAN parties should be glorious!

    So looks like a horde mode type game, stand there and shoot all comers.... No playstation VR though?

    Wah! I loved the first two Serious Sam games. The last one made me sick though and I can't see that changing if they're aiming to make it VR :(

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