Skyrim Is Being Remastered For PS4, Xbox One And PC

Skyrim Is Being Remastered For PS4, Xbox One And PC

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is getting a remaster, with a prettier “Special Edition” version of the classic on the way to PS4, Xbox One and PC.

In addition to a ton of visual upgrades, it will also allow the installation of mods on console, something that’s helped the original PC version of the game look so good even all these years later.

It will be out on October 28.


  • oh man, so i just Purchased this a few months ago and now i need to spend more money 🙁

    • If you bought the Legendary edition you don’t need to as Bethesda have confirmed owners of the legendary version will get it for free (at least for PC).

      When I saw that I noticed EB Games have it for $20, I figure they’re trying to flog their stock before the remake drops and they can charge full price for it. Snagged it quick as I’ve never tried Skyrim (I personally think the Elder Scrolls and Fallout series get higher praise than they deserve given the lack of polish an QA Bethesda give them). The price on Steam at the moment is $55 USD, so some distinct price gouging there!

  • Unless they’re making gameplay tweaks, including a new survival mode then I don’t really have that much interest in it.

  • Damn I hate this trend, sure it makes business sense but it’s throttling the industry in my opinion, games need to be driven by the creators not the executives and the bottom line. Re-hashing things is only going to get you so far.

    • It’s not like ES VI was put on hold for this though.
      When they’re done with Fallout 4 DLC, they’ll get to work, they’ve they’ve always done.

      • Chances are they’re well, well into development on ES6. The same teams do not work on both games, they’ve got different studios who work on different projects, just like Rockstar with GTA, RDR, etc.

        • Not with Bethesda Game Studios, they have one team who works on one game at a time. They do preliminary work on the next game while the current game is being developed but have never done 2 games at once. This might’ve been the first case of that but considering they started off on the current gen by porting Skyrim over to the Xbone it wouldn’t have taken that much to polish it off.

          Basically though, they probably have ideas about ES 6 but nothing properly in development yet. Mind you, last year I think Todd Howard said they had 2 ideas for new games though, one which was nothing they’ve done before. Considering BGS have only done ES and Fallout I’m still interested in knowing more

  • new Achievements/Trophies
    or why bother?
    you don’t replay entire games for fun.
    I’ve already got them allllllllllll on 360 & PS3

    • I replay games for fun. Though come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve ever played a game for achievements in the first place.

    • Genuine question here – not trying to be an a**….. what’s the appeal of trophies/achievements? For all intents and purposes they seem pretty meaningless? No free stuff, no game discounts, just a score that nobody looks at or cares about. Am i missing something?

      • Achievements used to be cool on Xbox because they were an extra goal to work towards that were awarded a number that would increase your Gamerscore (epeen). The challenge for some of them was sometimes worth it in itself. You could then compare achievements against your friends for bragging rights. I used to try and go for most games achievements as long as they weren’t stupid “collect 300 hidden orbs” type ones. With the Xbox One achievements got buried under too many UI layers and take too long to load so I no longer feel it’s worth the effort.

      • Well designed achievements encourage you to try playing the game in different ways to what you might be used to, to explore more of the world than you otherwise would have, to look at things in the game world a little differently, or to see how far you can really push your skills. When they’re done right, you play the game longer than you would have before and get more enjoyment out of it.

    • I’ve played Sleeping Dogs 3 and a bit times now, all the way through, every side mission and DLC. I absolutely replay entire games for fun.

  • $80 on PS4/XB1 at EB… For an extra $200 you can also have a Shrine replica!! Really, EB?

    • I love Skyrim, but that is just not a decent collector edition piece at all. I’d expect another Alduin/wall CE or at least the dragonborn, not some random shrine. Oh well, makes it easier to pick it up $20 cheaper at Big W or JB

      • Exactly. But someone must be buying this crap to keep encouraging them *looks guiltily at Fallout 4 Pip-Boy edition on shelf*

        As much as I’d enjoy this, I’ve put so many hours in already and I just want the next installment, like Black Marsh or Valenwood.

        • Hey! the pipboy is actually decent because aslongas you dont a have a big phone (iphone 6+) you can actually wear it and turn your phone into a true pipboy

          • Don’t get me wrong, I love my Pip-Boy (I haven’t really used it) but on the whole these CE’s and their price tag are usually pretty hard to justify. I’d prefer to see Day One or Week One purchasers get a bonus code for the first DLC or something that recognizes their early support..

            ….and I’m starting to feel sore that console owners of Skyrim aren’t going to get a ‘free upgrade’ like those who purchased on PC via Steam…

  • Sicccckkkkk! Never played it as life was in my way at the time, so am stoked to hear they are remastering it 😀

  • Maybe I’ll buy this to actually finish the critical path in one of these games…

    never going to happen

    • I know right? Lol every play through I did with out fail stopped at the time when you unlock the dragon shout to summon down the dragon
      Five+ play throughs/two hundred or so hours and I’ve never finished

  • Yeah, a remastered version is good and stuff (I mean mine is so heavily modded that it’s practically remastered already!), but if they were going to do something TES, I’d prefer to see the Redguard DLC get finished, or the older games like Morrowind or Oblivion released using the Skyrim engine (I know about Morrowblivion/Skywind, etc, but that’s practically vapourware, and they’re very precious about anyone playing their mods who aren’t ‘in their crew’ before it’s released (which will be 2032 at this rate)).

  • When nintendo does it people whinge they can’t come up with anything new, when Sony and MS do it it’s fine ?
    Pretty sure the PS4 has more remastered games than the Wii U by this point.

  • Skyrim remastered, great. Looking forward to it. I just started a new playthrough recently and I’m sure there’ll be a way to port the save file across.

    The Fallout stuff in the video I’m also excited for. I know it’s kinda been the trend here to complain about Fallout 4 but I thought it was a great entry in the series. That moment when the Prydwen first arrived in the Commonwealth really made me smile. I’m definitely eager to try out the new DLC on the way.

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