Smart Players Turn Overwatch Into A Sports Game

Video: One of the cooler things about Overwatch is that it isn't just about shooting. You can heal, you can drop turrets, you can turn into a giant shield. But did you know that you can also, with a little work, play some badminton? All you need are a couple of Mercys (Mercies? A Murder of Mercy?), as many Genjis as you can muster and a Junkrat who's willing to basically be a ball machine.

And voila, Overwatch vs Mario Tennis. Though you're not going to get many epic rallies with a ball that explodes every few seconds.

(via @8bitpimp)


    You should definitely check out the videos Achievement Hunter have been putting out. They've been experimenting with ideas based on Pong and raining arrows. Very amusing.

    We used to play 2fort tennis with two pyros and a soldier.

    Rockets, flares, arrows; all fair game.

    did this in Titanfall ages ago.. more fun when your team catches a bunch of rockets and uses that as a ball.

    would probably be easier on a diff map with a bigger area and use symetras ranged attack because its slow moving, or Hanzo's arrow and you have to fire it up to the air

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