Here's Some Fresh Persona 5 Gameplay

Atlus gave a demonstration of Persona 5 gameplay today at E3. Here's video of it.

The quality's of IGN's clip here isn't great, but it's captured from a demo screen on the showroom floor, so whaddyagonnado.

It's certainly clear enough to make out that there's a dungeon full of butts.

Sad reminder: this game isn't out in English until February 2017.


    They need to tone down all that in your face cartoony overlay crap. Less is more sometimes.

      I dunno. I thought that at first but it has grown on me. The menus and battle commands are over the top and ultra stylised.. but I think they look cool as shit. It's pretty unique, at least. Granted, it may wear thin after a number of hours.

    If its half as good as Persona 4 it will be amazing ;)

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