Someone Tried To Recreate Pac-Man In DOOM

What do you call this? Pac-Map? Pac-Snap? Snap-Pac? Either way, someone's used DOOM's SnapMap functionality to recreate Pac-Man.

It's not as powerful as having access to the source code for the engine or the level editors made available for previous DOOM games. But what people are doing with DOOM's SnapMap is still pretty intriguing, especially when you consider how rarely this kind of functionality has been given to console gamers before.

The latest weird creation: Pac-Man. The main difference here is that the various powerups have different properties — Quad Damage, for instance, gives you a limited amount of ammo with which you can fire back at the "ghosts".

It's not a fully complete experience as of yet, and the environment feels a tad empty. Still it's cool that once the campaign is done in dusted, people will be able to search out quirky creations like this and that other map that turned DOOM into a MOBA.


    map Id is: AV5FERM6

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