Sony's E3 Conference: The Liveblog

Hello friends! It is the Sony Press Conference! This is the fun one because it's at a reasonable hour and everyone is awake!

Welcome! We are liveblogging this thing! I have ingested a lot of caffeine and sugar!

Also — you can watch the event live here.

10.45 What are we expecting to see today? I feel like this one is more of a mystery. Sony has said they're not bothering with showing the PlayStation 4.5 thing, which might just free this up as a 'gamesfest' of sorts.

I want to see more of Horizon: Zero Dawn, The Last Guardian and really more of the awesome indie games that have really defined the PlayStation 4 platform this generation.

Also — is it too much to ask for Bloodborne 2?

Yeah. Probably.

10.52 I'm actually really excited about this one. Sony has really brought the pain in the last couple of years. I expect another solid conference this year.


This is some Night at the Opera style shit. This looks like the start of Assassin's Creed III.

Man that was a cool scene. Shame the rest of the game got weird.

11.01 Goddammit Luke...

11.03 Well this got a bit weird. I legit though Rahzel was in the building.



11.07 Well that is defo God of War. And that is defo a crowd of dudes losing their goddamn shit.

11.07 Man, Kratos is a terrible Dad.

11.12 Well that was pretty fucking awesome. A different kind of God of War game for sure. I think I even noticed a different type of skill upgrade thing going on.

Alright, Kratos' parenting skills redeemed. HE'S NOT SO BAD AFTER ALL.

Oh man, this scene is actually pretty hard to watch. And well written. How is this God of War? This is really cool. I did not see that coming.

11.19 Days Gone. Well I have no idea what this is, or what I just watched. But sure, that sounded interesting. A teensy bit hammy, but yeah why not. Not terrible at all.

11.23 The Last Guardian looking as glorious as ever and the end is in sight! Oct 23 2016. I cannot wait. Looks like there's some bad CatDog... things.

11.25 Honestly this Sony presser is off to an absolute flier. I cannot keep up with this shit. Now we're onto Horizon: Zero Dawn and it still looks amazing. Sony is absolutely killing it so far. And no fat or filler so far...

Man I am loving this open-ended stuff. This game is looking phenomenal. I just love the design, the aesthetic of the whole universe. The shooting looks responsive and fun. I'm so in for this.

12.31 Metal GEEEEEEAAAAAR...

12.32 "Hi... I'm Conor... I sound a lot like Keanu Reeves"

11.35 Detroit: Beyond Human... dialogue so bad it had to be David Cage. Still looked awesome though. I liked Heavy Rain, I'm not afraid to admit it! Hahaha!

11.38 Man, Sony is really rattling through this shit. So maybe some time is gonna be dedicated to something big?

11.39 Holy shit. That was a Resident Evil game? Whaaaaaaaaa? That was weird as fuck. RE is about to be properly scary again. And set for Jan 2017? Jesus.

And in PlayStation VR? NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE.

11.41 OK so October 23 for PlayStation VR. Checking with local folks to see when the Australian date is. Stay tuned.

11.42 Man PS VR has such a good chance of success just based on the content it's getting. Oculus doesn't have jack shit right now. This stuff looks great. And REVII? Holy shit.

11.45 Well Star Wars, Batman in VR. Goddamn. Just goddamn. The Batman thing is being developed by Rocksteady, it's gonna be great.

11.46 Holy shit FFXV looks goofy as fuck.

Wait this is VR as well. Yes it is. Damn. I do not understand how the hell this is gonna work. Is this a separate thing?

11.49 Wait, what is this? It has a real Mass Effect vibe. Again: this looks fantastic. I guess this is another VR experience. Sony is bringing it with the VR man. Really bringing it.

Wait, this has to be Infinite Warfare. Has to be.

Holy shit, I take back anything negative I said about Infinite Warfare. This is pretty ridiculous.

11.55 I hate to be that guy, but Microsoft's conference... compared to this. Night and day. Can only think of maybe a couple of games I wanted to play on Xbox One. This is just... out of control. Too much to take in almost.

11.56 Well I guess that's Crash Bandicoot is coming back. Remastered stuff. Appearing in Skylanders first.


11.58 Well, I think my kid is starting to get to the age where I have to start caring about LEGO games again. Star Wars seems like a good start.

12.00 I'm loving the fact they've embraced the fact that Kylo Ren is goofy as shit.

Cool, it's available in two weeks! Awesome.

12.02 Holy shit. That Hideo intro. Jesus H. Christ.



12.06 Okay so holy shit, what did I just watch. Death Stranding, the newest Hideo Kojima game. Looks goddamn wild. Stars Norman Reedus. Actually felt original and different and I have no idea what's going on. I suspect this game is a long way from completion and Sony just wanted to drag Hideo out on stage for the applause, which he got in spades.

12.08 Oh, and a new Spiderman game.

12.16 Okay well days gone just looks like The Last Of Us mixed with Dead Rising, but just also... um unreal? Just another in a long list of video games I know really, really want to play.

12.17 I am feeling really pumped and excited about video games again.

12.19 Okay, well that's that. Honestly that might be the best E3 conference I've ever seen. Not just in terms of content, but in terms of pacing, production everything. Damn Sony. Damn.


    It's only a reasonable hour for the people who haven't been up all night watching the other conferences. Damn those people and their sensible life choices.

    Come oooon new FF7 trailer / release date.

    Speaking of people conducting orchestras, I got to see Austin Wintory conduct the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra on Saturday night, and was lucky enough to meet him briefly afterwards. Very nice guy.

    Is it too much to ask if every game shown will be scored by the orchestra?

      They should do the whole conference like an old school silent movie with the live orchestra playing the music and subtitle cards for the actual announcements.

    Wow I don't think I've seen an E3 conference with an overture before.

      Nintendo has done it a couple times, and pretty sure Sony has as well.

    I'm getting more and more dragged into Horizon. How lush does that World look? Also a massive Red Dead vibe as soon as she got on that mount

      Witcher 3 vibe for me, similiar map style, mounts, gathering parts.

    Mars, Bringer of war really needs bass cleff instruments.

    Resident Evil 7 PS Plus demo will be available within a few hours.

    Give us custom, colour controllers! Microsoft did it...

      I want higher quality pixels, myself.

        As a mediocre Pixel that hurts my feelings...

        ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

        Last edited 14/06/16 11:59 am

    Considering it seemed, to me at least, Sony was trying to take the E3 high ground by not showcasing their new console they sure are showing a lot of VR games that are ONLY playable on said new console ...

      they said at the start that you dont nees the new console, everyone thats played it has said its awesome, literally one nobody dev said it was bad


      The "new console" they're not showing off is the PS4 Neo (or PS4K or whatever they end up calling it), not PSVR.

      There isn't another E3 between now and when PSVR and (most of?) these VR games are released, so when else would they show them?

      Last edited 14/06/16 12:02 pm

    Infinite Warfare actually looks good. Can't believe I said that about a new CoD game...

    Stream crashed when Crash was being announced?

    Deliberate? Dammit internet.. what was the Crash annoucnments?

    I don't know if I am being biased but Sony have killed it in this presentation.

      Definitely. Microsoft have gone for hardware but forgot about the games. Second year in a row Sony have dominated E3

    Is Days Gone loosely related to Fallout and Two Dog is a cousin on Three Dog?

    Batman in VR just hook it up to my veins (assuming it's good)

    That and Resident Evil have just solidified my faith in PSVR

    Xbox player here: that Crash announcement was excellent as was Spider-Man by insomniac- judging from Sunset OD - you guys are in for a great game

    My only disappointment was that I was hoping to see some gameplay for Psychonauts in the Rhombus of Ruin. Otherwise, fantastic conference! Sony nail it again.

      Barely one second of No Man's Sky too.

    "Days Gone" is the only title I was really excited about during the presentation. I'm really hoping it is a modern-day Red Dead Redemption.. RDR2 is still on the cards as far as I know, but the fact they didn't announce it means it's a long way off. So here's hoping Days Gone can fill the same void.

      Seems like a cross between Last of Us and World War Z. Horizon is more like RDR being open world style.

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