Star Trek: Bridge Crew Puts Four Players In Charge Of A VR Starship

While Ubisoft isn't showing off the insides of the Star Trek bridge simulator it's creating with developer Red Storm Entertainment until Monday, they do have a few details to go along with this picture of Geordi, Seven of Nine and New Bones freaking out with headsets on.

According to a report over at ABC, stars from two and a half Star Trek settings (Abrams hasn't earned it yet) donned Oculus Rift headsets on a soundstage in order to record a promotional video for the Trek VR game Ubisoft will be showing off Monday morning at E3.

While we see Jeri Ryan, Levar Burton and Karl Urban waving their hands about and giggling, they're seeing themselves as the captain and crew of the starship Aegis. In the game, due out this fall for PlayStation VR, Rift and Vive, four players take on the role of captain, tactical officer, engineer or helm officer.

Once the crew is assigned their stations they will work together to complete missions both story-focused and randomly generated. Players get to decide how to approach combat and exploration. Do they utilise the Kirk approach, or react like sensible, non-crazy people? It's up to them.

It's interesting to read the stars' accounts of the experience. Having watched Star Trek for most of my life (I'm now re-watching Enterprise but I also watch Star Trek TV shows), I imagine this sort of thing would be old hat for the actors. Not so, according to the ABC article.

"This wasn't anything like you see on the show," said Ryan, a cast member on "Voyager" for four seasons. "When we were shooting it, the bridge set was all plywood and plastic. When you're looking at the ship's monitors, they were either green screens or just big openings in the walls. This was incredible. It's what it would be like if it were real."

I imagine at that point the VR game started blushing and wandered away all flustered.

Star Trek: Bridge Crew will get its act together for its Monday debut at Ubisoft's 2016 E3 press conference. Sight unseen I can say I've not been this excited about a virtual reality experience.

No "since" or anything. Just haven't been this excited, period.


    Just gotta have 4 vr setups...

      so thats just 800(+) vr ready video cards, 800 on ram, 280 on motherbords, 600 on psu's, 240 on ssd's 200 on cases, then there screens, keybords, mouses, mics, then the 4000 on vr.

      super possable... if your super rich.

        id say unless you super rich. you wld be telling your friends to buy their own getup and bring it over.
        this is where mini PC's come in handy.
        and with AMD's new cards. they will be as big as the R9 Nano but around $400-$50 for a VR capable video card
        but I hear ya. VR is going to be uber expensive. and personally. its still no where near the quality and fidelity to be worth the kind of money they are asking

        Considering I'm running a Rift on a 4 year old PC (admittedly with an upgraded 2 year old video card) with zero issues ....... no.

        Last edited 13/06/16 5:26 am

    Jesus ... I don't know if this would be worse to play online with tweens or my thirty-something mates. I'll just get a few of these out of my system now ...

    "Shoot a photon torpedo up the black hole."
    "Care to look at my Captain's log?"
    "Cochran's field has been penetrated!"
    "Eject the warp core!"

    drop a smooth $4k on the hardware to have this "VR Experience"

      Assuming you already have a high-end gaming pc, of course

      You don't need a top line PC. Mine is 4 years old with a 2 year old video card and it runs just fine. It may be underspecced, but ATW makes all the difference.

        Oh of course, well then you only need to pick up 4 VR headsets. Practically a bargain!

          Are you planning on manning all 4 stations? Stupid argument that you need to buy 4 headsets yourself.

            "Hey, I just got this cool new Star Trek VR game! Come over & play with me! But first, buy a Vive!"

              In an attempt to be funny (and at being right) .... you fail. I know a enough people with headsets.

                lichbane works for Oculus confirmed

                  Edit: Forget it. Don't feed the console peasant .... err .... troll.

                  Last edited 14/06/16 6:40 am

    *flails* Want!

    "The game is set in Abrams' rendition of the "Trek" universe..."

    Urgh. *deflates* No. Can we have the original bridge instead, please? Or Voyager's? And single player? And cheaper headsets? And while we're at it, lower specs? sigh.

    Or for something cheaper and just as good, grab Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator from Steam.

      And to go cheaper, with a possibly as good but nowhere near as accurate game, grab Spaceteam for phone devices.

        God I wish more people had that. Such stupid fun :D

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