State Of Decay Sequel Coming Next Year

Undead Labs' surprise 2013 Xbox 360 hit State of Decay is getting a sequel for Xbox One and PC, making it the second big zombie game confirmed today during Microsoft's press conference after Dead Rising 4. It's coming out in 2017.

The original State of Decay was a challenging third-person action game that allowed players to control a variety of different survivors, developing bonds between them while building up a settlement in an America overrun with zombies.

How will the new one be different? No specifics yet, but this debut trailer may hold some clues.


    State of Decay was a pretty decent game, despite the bugs that were never fixed.

    Then they released State of Decay - Year One, which combined all the elements of the DLCs into the base game. It was pretty good as well, and they threw in high resolution (though only certain resolutions) support on PC - but it was very buggy and still is. They only released one patch that actually fixed anything bad, and numerous bugs remain - some owners are still unable to play due to rendering issues.

    So I'm a bit hesitant about a new entry in the series - particularly if it has multiplayer. Networking is hard to get right, and I don't think Undead Labs is up to the task.

    Wait and see is my approach to SoD2.

    Stupidly keen for more State of Decay. I had a hell of a lot of fun with the first one. The only real complaint I had with it is that they never got multiplayer up and running. Hopefully they rectify that this time around.

    I wanted to like the first one more than I did. It was obviously built with multiplayer in mind, it even had emotes you could make to other non-existent players.

    But in abandoning multiplayer they seemed to leave other things half finished, like not being able to trade items between characters without walking all the way back to a base, leaving the items in a container, then incurring a penalty for removing them.

    And having sections where for some reason you were unable to switch players, meaning if your inventory was full you often had to leave stuff behind even though another character might have an empty inventory.

    Every time I started enjoying it the game kept reminding me it was just a game, don't get too immersed. Here's hoping they address these issues.

    I'd say the "No one survives alone" phrase in the trailer is rather heavy handed indicator of multiplayer content. Of which I'm thrilled.

    It's gotta be co-op! The first one is one of those games where you just say you're going to have a quick go and then bam its hours later!

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