Static Podcast: The Future Of Cross-Platform Gaming

Static is back for a third season! In episode one we share our favourite tech pranks, ask can a relationship survive different videogame preferences, vent about annoying Facebook groups and we answer your question about cross-platform gaming.

Plus we interview Bioscientist and Medicinal Cannabis Advocate Dr Stuart Washer.

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In this episode of Static, host Rae Johnston is joined by Gizmodo Australia's Hayley Williams, Lifehacker Australia's Spandas Lui and Alex Walker from Kotaku Australia.

As always, a big thanks to The X Studio.

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    The future of x-platform gaming (in my opinion) should be any game that should be played with a controller (basically not FPS) and has multiplayer built in should be cross platform.

    Edit, yes thats a very simplistic way to look at it, but i think it makes sense.

    Last edited 01/06/16 1:55 pm

    Glad to see this back, just caught up on Season 2 recently. Great to listen to in the car on the way to work and home :)

    Woo, Static! Just in time, kept me awake while churning through making adjustments to a few hundred records.

    Cross-gaming platforms are the future.

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