Steam’s Next Big Sale Kicks Off Next Week

Steam’s Next Big Sale Kicks Off Next Week

You know what’s the most annoying part of E3? The thought that all of the games you get excited for are months, sometimes years, away.

Fortunately, Steam’s coming to the rescue. Next week, to be precise.

Paypal has cheekily sent out emails to consumers once again letting them know that the next major Steam sale will kick off on June 23. It’ll run until Independence Day — that’s July 4 — although for Australians things will probably go until the 5th given the timezones.

It’ll be interesting to see how well these sales do. I’d expect ARK: Survival Evolved to get a chunky discount and climb up the charts, as it always does, alongside people buying their seventh and eighth smurf accounts for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

But I can’t think of a great deal that I’d actually want to buy straight away. I’ve just started the first hour of Alpha Protocol, which I picked up during the previous Steam sale. Planet Coaster has pretty much killed off Rollercoaster Tycoon World for me, so that’s another game off the list. I’ve heard Golf With Your Friends can be funny late on a Friday night, so I might look into that.

Otherwise, I think my wallet is going to stay pretty secure this time around. What about yourselves?

Update: It’ll be called the Summer Sale, even though it’s winter in Australia. But I’ve amended the headline to avoid confusion and what not. Feel free to shoot me in the comments.


    • It’s technically called the Summer sale, even though it’s our winter, but fair play.

        • Summer sale is midyear, winter sale is end of year. They did some changes with design at one point but I believe the names still stuck.

          • Maybe I’m misremembering it, but I thought I remembered one sale where the marketing material and trading cards said “summer sale”, but if you visited the home page from Australia it said “winter sale”.

          • You’re getting confused with the ‘Holiday Sales’. The major sale around xmas time show hemisphere-specific marketing material.

            The mid-year sales have always been called ‘Summer Sales’.

    • Tell you what. What’s the specs of your PC? I’ll put together a list for you.

      • That would be great! Went a little crazy for first build but eh at least it runs well :), 6700k,980ti 16gb ram

    • Please, Dark souls 3. Actually don’t even wait for the sales. Just buy it, buy it now!!!

    • Civilization V, Rocket League, Ark: Survival Evolved, Insurgency (prob $1-3).

      Also if you haven’t played them yet, pick up a few of Valve’s own games: Half Life series (HL2), Portal 2, L4D2. They’ll most likely be 75% off and have various bundle packs.

    • Indies are where PC really shines in my eyes; have a gander at Gunpoint, Undertale and FTL. A bit further left of center, but no less brilliant in my eyes, is The Music Machine: for my money the most interesting horror experience I’ve played with some incredible visuals and brave ideas you would never see explored by a AAA title (at least not in the way they are in this game). The great thing about these titles is that they are all insanely cheap, especially so during a sale.

  • But I can’t think of a great deal that I’d actually want to buy straight away.

    Alex. Mate. It’s a Steam Sale. It’s not about needing or wanting anything, just take your wallet, throw it at the computer screen, and thank GabeN for the privilege of being able to give him your money.

  • This might be the first time I sit one out.
    Not because I won’t be able to afford it, more that I’m not interested in the slightest.

  • I hope Skyrim Legendary/DLC packs don’t get a crazy sale because I just bought the physical version (with Steam keys) for $20 from EB for the upcoming remaster

    • Hahaha, I just did the same thing! Personally I think that’s a great deal, even if Steam does end up having it cheaper

  • My hard drive is groaning at this news. Can I back up games from my library onto an external drive yet? Without needing to download it again when I add it back? I could never work that stuff out.

    Also, I’m not really sure after the Xmas sale we’re seeing the usual crazy discounts ever again, right?

    • Not at my PC to grab the link right now. But you want an app called Steam mover.

    • Steam>Backup & Restore Games from the menu in the top left. Choose 1 file with a crazy amount of GB instead of having split files. Backup one game at a time though than a whole bunch at once. Last time I tried it screwed up my folders

  • Meh – I don’t think I’ve bought a game on steam for ages. They have this habit lately of selling games at like 80-90 USD when I can get keys from legit sites for $50.

    • Generally yeah, if you’re buying games on Steam then you’re paying too much. These sales are usually very good, though.

  • Boy I hope Left 4 Dead 2 is on sale, I nearly bought it last time but I felt like $1.25 was asking a bit much.

  • Im going to go out on a limb here and say I want all my steam games, rekeyed for another store such as GOG or an alternative…

    My investment in steam has to stop its too many eggs in one basket..

    disagree with me if you will

  • Hmm, might keep an eye on Arkham Knight, supposedly it’s pretty much fixed up now.

  • The ACCC case against Valve is still going on for a penalty hearing.
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