Street Fighter V's June Story Update Arrives July 1 With Extra Balrog

Street Fighter V's long-awaited story mode arrives this Friday on PlayStation 4 and PC at 5:00pm AEST. In case you need more incentive stay offline to play an extended single-player mode, Capcom's releasing Balrog as well. As detailed in Patrick's lovely what to expect when you're expecting Street Fighter V story DLC article from earlier this month, all of the remaining DLC characters will be playable in the cinematic story expansion. But while Juri and Urien, who you can catch at the end of the trailer below, appear in playable preview form and won't be available for multiplayer, Balrog is getting a full release. A full, painful, face-crushing release.

And of course the update also brings Ibuki, meaning my most favourite character to play and my least favourite to play against are being released on the same day. Story mode it is!


    Oh! The gif is of Balrog. I thought Mike Fahey was a little sleazy...

    Ah just saw it again on my computer and I realise that the image moves. It didn't on my phone. Nevermind.

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